Certificate of P. Lister 28 September 1917

Headed notepaper of
Under Government Control.
On Admiralty, War Office, and Crown Agents’ Lists.
The Parsons Motor Co., Ltd.,
Town Quay Works, SOUTHAMPTON.
28th September 1917.
Our Ref. PES/R.

To whom it may concern.
This is to certify that Lance Cpl P. Lister, Regt. No. 28407, R.E. who has been temporarily released to this Company for important War Work, has our permission to travel to-day the 28th inst., to 30th inst.
Signed P.E. Stamp.
Works Superintendent.

29th Divisional Artillery Order No. 25. 27 September 1917

Copy No 24
29th Divisional Artillery Order No. 25.
27th September 1917.

In continuation of 29th Divisional Artillery Order No. 24 dated 26-9-17.

1. The 29th Division extend their front to the South on 28th September, on which day a Battalion of 86th Infantry Brigade will take over the line from U.17.c.75.25. to U.23.b.45.40. from 20th Division.
The command of the new portion of the line passes to G.O.C. 29th Division as soon as the above relief is completed on 28th September.

2. Attached map shows in yellow the new southern boundary of 29th Division.

3. 29th Divisional Artillery will be responsible for the artillery support of the Infantry holding the new line from 6 pm September 28th.

4. A. At 6 pm. September 28th 91st Brigade R.F.A. will come under the orders of 29th Divisional Artillery for tactical purposes. 91st Brigade will revert to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY as soon as Guards D.A. are in the line and 11th and 15th Brigades have completed registration on their new S.O.S Lines.
Dispositions of 91st Brigade R.F.A. are as under –
H.Q., 91Brigade R.F.A. – C.19.a.00.30.
A/91Bty R.F.A. – C.8.b.09.17.
B/91 “ “ – C.8.d.10.40.
C/91 “ “ – C.8.a.80.23.
D/91 “ “ – C.8.a.83.83.

B. A/65 465 D/65 505 (18-pdr) batteries move into action on the nights 28th/29th, 29th/30th September and 30th Sept/1st October. On coming into action they will come under the orders of O.C., 15th Brigade R.H.A.

5. ZONES. Until the 91st Brigade R.F.A. reverts to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY the Divisional front will be divided into four Sectors, “W”, “X”, “Y” & “Z” as under, for all artillery purposes.

Sector “W”. U.24.a.0.8. to V.13.a.1.9. to U.12.c.9.2. to U.17.d.25.65.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line – U.24.a.0.8. – U.17.d.73.32. – U.17.d.25.65.
4.5” Hows. S.O.S. Tasks –
1 Section – U.18.c.25.50. – 106 Fuzes.
2 Sections – U.18.c.95.52. – U.18.c.80.80. 106 Fuzes.

Sector “X”. U.17.d.25.65. – U.12.c.9.2. – U.11.d.7.7. – U.16.d.6.6.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line – U.17.d.25.65. – U.16.d.6.6.
4.5” How S.O.S. Tasks –
1Section. – Search Railway from U.17.b.80.10. – U.18.a.35.60. 106 Fuzes.
1Section – Search LEOPARD AVENUE from U.17.a.5.3. to U.17.a.8.8.
106 Fuzes.
1 Section – Search from Cross road at U.17.a.05.25. to U.17.a.45.76.
106 Fuzes.
Sector “Y” U.16.d.6.6. – U.11.d.7.7. – U.11.a.6.1. to U.16.c.5.9.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line – Along BROENBEEK from U.16.d.6.6. to U.16.c.5.9.
4.5” How S.O.S. Tasks –
2 Sections – Search from U.16. central to U.16.b.35.55. 106 Fuzes.
1 Section – Search from U.16.a.32.10. to U.16.a.15.20. 106 Fuzes.

Sector “Z” U.16.c.5.9. – U.11.a.6.1. – U.10.b.60.55. to U.15.b.4.5.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line – Along BROENBEEK from U.16.c.5.9. – U.15.b.4.5.
4.5” How S.O.S. Tasks –
1 Section – Search from U.16.a.32.10. – to Cemetery U.16.a.60.50.
106 Fuzes.
2 Sections – Search area from NEY COPSE at U.15.b.70.50 –
U.15.b.55.60. to the N.E. up to and including track U.15.b.80.70. 106 Fuzes.
These sectors are allotted as under –
Sector “W”
Sector “X”
Sector “Y”
Sector “Z”
From Till
6pm Sep/28
1pm Oct 1st
4pm Oct 1st
12noon Oct 2nd 1pm Oct 1st
4pm Oct 1st
12noon Oct 2nd
91st Bde revert to Right Arty 91 Bde RFA
91 “ “

91 “ “

91 “ “

11 Bde RFA
11 “ “

15 Bde RHA
74 “ RFA 17Bde RFA
17 “ “

17 “ “

17 “ “ 15Bde RHA
75 Bde RFA.
75 “ “

75 “ “

B. When the 91st Brigade R.F.A. revert to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY the Divisional front will be divided into two Sectors for all artillery purposes.
These Sectors will be as under –
RIGHT GROUP SECTOR. Allotted to Right Group (composition as shown in para 2 of 29th Divisional Artillery Order No. 24 dated 26-9-17)
Area U.24.a.0.8. – V.13.a.1.9. – U.12.c.9.2. – U.17.d.25.65.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line U.24.a.0.8. – U.17.d.73.32. – U.17.d.25.65.

LEFT GROUP SECTOR. Allotted to Left Group (composition as shown in para 2 of 29th Divisional Artillery Order No. 24 dated 26-9-17)
Area U.17.d.25.65. – U.12.c.9.2. – U.10.b.60.55. U.15.b.4.5.
18-pdr S.O.S. Line – U.17.d.25.65. to U.16.d.6.6. – thence along BROENBEEK to U.14. U.15.b.4.5.

6. GROUPS. RIGHT & LEFT GROUP HEADQUARTERS will not commence to operate as GROUP H.Q. (as detailed in para 2 of 29th D.A. Order No. 24 dated 23-9-17.) until the 91st Brigade R.F.A. reverts to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY, but all orders etc for Brigade will be sent to RIGHT & LEFT GROUP H.Q. for distribution after 4 p.m. September 28th.

7. REGISTRATION. A. 11th Brigade R.F.A. will commence to register the guns in their present positions at once on the S.O.S. Line and area opposite the new front referred to in para 1 of this Order. 15th Brigade R.H.A. will complete this registration immediately on taking over these positions from 11th Brigade R.F.A. on October 1st.
15th Brigade R.H.A. will report by wire to this office the completion of the registration of the S.O.S. line in the new area by “B”, “L” and Warwick batteries.

B. On October 2nd 11th Brigade R.F.A. will commence registration of their batteries in their new positions on the S.O.S. Line and area opposite the new front referred to in para 1 of this Order.
11th Brigade R.F.A. will report by wire to this office the completion of the registration of the S.O.S. Line in this new area.

C. 15th Brigade R.H.A. will arrange for A/65 and B/65 batteries to register on the S.O.S. Line and area opposite the new front referred to in para 1 of this Order as soon as possible, commencing October 2nd.

8. A. Except when special orders are issued from this office 18-pdr batteries of
11th Brigade R.F.A. will only fire from the forward positions in square U.26. for necessary registration and in case of S.O.S.
B. Except when special orders are issued from this office A/65 and D/65
batteries R.F.A. will only open fire for necessary registration. They will not open fire for S.O.S unless special orders are issued from this office.
C. Whilst A/65, D/65 batteries and the 18-pdr batteries of 11th Brigade R.F.A.
from their new positions are registering Os.C. 11th and 15th Brigades must arrange for other batteries in Left Artillery to fire so that enemy sound ranging detachments will not be able to take a record of the forward guns. Os.C. 11th and 15th Brigades will arrange this co-operation direct with Os.C. other Brigades in Left Artillery who must give all possible assistance.

A. The present arrangement regarding a senior liaison officer with Infantry
Brigade H.Q. will be continued until the 91st Brigade R.F.A. reverts to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY. Fresh orders will be issued as necessary regarding the detailing of this officer after this time.
B. (i). From night September 28th/29th until the 91st Brigade R.F.A. reverts to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY Artillery Liaison Officers detailed as below will remain at Battalion Headquarters nightly from dusk to 8 a.m.
With Right Battalion in the line (H.Q. U.23.c.1.2.) Officer from 11th Brigade R.F.A.
With Centre Battalion in the line (H.Q. U.22.c.05.15.) Officer from 15th Brigade R.H.A.
With Left Battalion in the line (H.Q. U.21.a.65.25.) Officer from 17th Brigade R.F.A.
(ii) When 91st Brigade R.F.A. reverts to the command of RIGHT ARTILLERY these officers will be detailed as below:-
With Right Battalion in the line – RIGHT GROUP.
With Centre and Left Battalions in the line – LEFT GROUP.

10. COMMUNICATIONS. Instructions regarding communications will be issued to Officer i/c 29th D.A. Signals direct to Group and Brigade Signal Officers.

It will be necessary for 15th Brigade R.H.A. to keep an officer from A/65 or D/65 batteries and runners from A/65 and D/65 batteries at 15th Brigade H.Q. in order to maintain communication with these batteries when telephone lines are broken.

11. ACKNOWLEDGE by wire.

Signature unreadable
Captain R.A.
Brigade Major, 29th Divl. Artillery.
Copies 1 11th Bde R.F.A.
2 15th “ R.H.A.
3 17th “ R.F.A.
4 74th “ “
5 75th “ “
6 Guards D.A.
7 29 D.A.C.
8 Guards D.A.C.
9 R.A. XIV Corps.
10 H.A. XIV Corps.
11 Col Budgen.
12 Capt Vuaflart.
13 Right Arty.
14 29th Divn ‘G’
15 86th Inf Bde.
16 87th “ “
17 88th “ “
18 91st Bde. R.F.A.
19 A/65 Bty “
20 D/65 “ “
21 Sigs. 29th D.A.
22 “ 29th Division.

20th Division 6 August to 25th September 1917,

A manuscript document reporting 20th Division 6 August to 25th September 1917, I think.

On the 6th August the 20th Division took over the right Divisional Sector of the 14th Corps from the 38 Division.
The task before the Division was the capture of Langemarck village and a portion of the enemy’s GHELUVELT – LANGEMARCK Line beyond the village. Before proceeding with the attack on Langemarck it was necessary to obtain the mastery of the STEENBEEK which was held by the enemy. This stream was liable to sudden floods and its steep banks presented a considerable obstacle. In addition to this there were many concrete blockhouses at intervals along the eastern bank of the river, the largest one constructed in the ruins of a house called AU BON GITE formed more or less the key of the position, and commanded all the approaches to the river from our side. The 59th Bde., which was holding the line, with the 60th & 61st Brigades in support and reserve was to carry out this operation, but the two latter Brigades took no active part in the fighting. The first attempt was made on the 11th August and was unsuccessful, the enemy having discovered the concentration & opened a heavy fire on our troops as they were assembling. The second attempt on 14th August made by the 10th and 11th Rifle Brigade was more successful and a line was established 200 yards east of the stream, but Au Bon Gite still held out. At one period it was captured and a number of the enemy after heavy fighting were killed, but our men were again driven out by a counter attack from a N.E. direction. The crossing of the Steenbeek had however been made good and it was now possible to arrange for the main concentration to take place east of the stream. The two battalions engaged in the above operation carried out the attack with great gallantry; the attack was made over boggy ground across a stream which was too wide to jump and bridges had to be carried & put into position; all this was done under fire and it is safe to say that had the crossing not been seized the main attack in Langemarck would have been a far more dangerous undertaking and in all probability would have failed.
The 59th Brigade had suffered heavily and in the night of the 14/15 it was relieved by the 60th & 61st Brigades in order from the right. On the night of the 15/16 these two Brigades were deployed into their battle positions east of the Steenbeek. It was a pitch dark night, the ground over which the troops had to move was very boggy and the concentration had to take place close under Au Bon Gite whose garrison at any moment might give the alarm and so prevent the deployment taking place. So silently was this carried out & without a vestige of confusion that the enemy heard and saw nothing to arouse their suspicion, but they kept up machine gun fire from Au Bon Gite most of the night, making the assembly still more difficult. This was one of the most difficult operations the two Brigades had ever been asked to carry out & it reflects the greatest credit on all ranks. The attack commenced at 4.45 am, Au Bon Gite being rushed by two companies of the 11th R.B. under Captain Slade who displayed great courage & coolness which had been left in position the previous night. Covered by a heavy artillery barrage the attacking waves moved forward, the chief centres of resistance being REITRES FARM on the left of the 61st Bde. and LANGEMARCK itself with the houses to the east of the village all of which concealed many machine guns. The chateau grounds had been reduced to a swamp by the recent rains and the advance of the infantry on the left was greatly impeded; the whole country east of the Steenbeek for a great distance was a swampy crater field. Banbury’s 61st Brigade which had never been known to fail to take its objective, captured the village & established a line beyond it. The 12th King’s Liverpool & 7 Somerset, D.C.L.I., & K.O.Y.L.I. were the levers of this exploit and in spite of bog and bullets fought gloriously.
On the right the attack of the 60th Brigade went through without a hitch in spite of considerable resistance, the 12/King’s Royal Rifles being on the left in touch with the King’s Liverpool while the 6th Shropshire L.I. were on their right, & the 6th Oxford & Bucks cleared up numerous pill boxes near the Steenbeek. The German Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battn. 261 R.I.R. was captured in Langemarck; other prisoners captured during the day numbered about 20 officers and 400 other ranks, captured trophies included a section of 4.2 howitzers, ** 7.7 m.m. gun, and 20 or 30 machine guns, many more machine guns trench mortars were buried in the debris. The number of enemy killed and wounded is difficult to estimate but it was known that two battalions were almost annihilated in addition to others which suffered heavily. From captured documents it would appear that during the 16 August the enemy’s forces on the 20 Division front were greatly disorganised; prisoners were captured from no less than five divisions on the front, where normally there would only have been two divisions.
On the night of the 17/18 the 38 Division relieved the 20 Division, & the latter was withdrawn to refit and reorganize.

Capture of EAGLE TRENCH.
On the 11th September the 20th Division took over the right Divisional Sector of the XIV Corps front from the 38th Division. The 51st Division (XVII Corps) was on the right and the Guards Division on the left. The next task of the 20th Division was to capture EAGLE and KANGAROO and BEAR trenches & included ‘t GOED TER VESTEN FARM; the Guards Division had for their objective a line between the SCHREIBOOM – KORTEBEEKE road and the LANGAMARCK – STADEN railway. The attack of the 20th Division was carried out by the 60th Brigade on the right and 59th Brigade on the left. The 61st Brigade was in Divisional reserve on the Canal.
Preparatory to the infantry attack the artillery kept up a hurricane bombardment of the enemy positions for 24 hours.
It was known that Eagle trench was strongly held; it was full of concrete machine gun emplacements & dugouts & was well sited for field of fire. Although it had been shelled by heavy calibre guns some days before, many of the dugouts were not injured and it was felt that it would be a tough fight before it could be captured. Arrangements were made to discharge 300 oil drums from projectors on to the portion of Eagle trench near the cemetery shortly before the assault. The assaulting waves attacked at 5.40 am on the 20th September. Reports showed that the advance had not been everywhere successful; the right of the 59th Brigade & the left of the 60th Brigade had been held up by the enemy in Eagle trench; the right had advanced a little, but the enemy in Eagle house & Louis farm were holding them up. On the left Bear trench had been reached.
An order was issued to renew the attack at 6.30 pm. In the meantime the attackers in front of Eagle trench had to find what little cover they could & were being exposed to heavy fire from hostile artillery the whole day. The 60th Brigade at 8 pm gained the trenches round Eagle House & captured about 70 prisoners. By 9 pm our whole line had been advanced & a portion of Eagle trench had been captured.
By midnight the 59th Brigade had got their objective with their right flank refused. Early on the 21st Sept a contact aeroplane reported Germans holding the northern portion of Eagle trench. A third attack was ordered to take place at 5.30 am on the 22nd Sept. The men all this time had been under heavy artillery & machine gun fire & were unable to move out of the muddy holes in which they were trying to get shelter, but they were as eager as ever to come to close grips with the enemy.
Tanks were to co-operate with this attack, but owing to the terrible state of the roads they were unable to reach their rendezvous, & the attack had to be postponed. During the 22nd the situation remained the same & a fresh attack was ordered for the 23rd. It was felt that unless we could take Eagle trench at once the Germans would bring up fresh troops for counter attack which if successful would necessitate the whole operation being carried out again with great loss of life. At 7 am on the 23rd Sept the attack was to be tried again & Eagle trench to be assaulted from the west & south; this was to be preceded by a heavy bombardment with Stokes mortars. At 6.25 am on the 23rd the enemy attacked our posts near Louis farm & the Cemetery; they were driven back by machine gun fire & 23 prisoners captured. Soon after this our attack began; it was carried out by detachments of the 12 K.R.R. and 10 R.B. The Stokes bombardment was most effective & under a rifle grenade barrage our assaulting infantry rushed in from the south. While the enemy in Eagle trench were fighting the rifle men, the 10 R.B. came in from the west and captured the rest of this trench. We captured about 100 prisoners & many machine guns. Most of the prisoners belonged to picked troops of the 208 Division who said that they had been ordered to attack that morning assisted by detachments of the 185 Infantry regiment; an attack on the 23 Sept forestalled it & thanks to this success the German counter attack failed completely.
Both the 185 Infantry Regiment and the Storm troops of the 208 Division had suffered heavily and the third battalion of the latter was almost wiped out.
The 20th Division was relieved on the 28 September by the 4th Division.
The capture of Eagle trench was a splendid performance; the men were exposed to heavy firing for the best part of 4 days; the ground was wet & muddy & there was very little cover; in spite of this the 59 Brigade (Hyslop) and 60th Brigade (Butler) managed to bring to a successful issue the task which was set them in the face of determined resistance by picked enemy troops. The 20th Division received the congratulations of the Army & Corps Commander.

29th D.A. No 48/11. 25 September 1917

29th D.A. No 48/11.

25th September 1917

O.C., 11th Brigade R.F.A.
15th Brigade R.H.A.
17th Brigade R.F.A.
29th D.A.C.
Guards D.A.C.
Officer i/c Guards Div working party.

Reference 1/10,000 Map LANGEMARCK Sheet.

1. A working party of 150 Infantry from Guards Division has been detailed to assist Left Artillery in the construction of forward gun positions etc.

This party arrives on the afternoon of September 25th and returns to Guards Division on or before 3rd October.

2. The party will be employed in three squads:-
No 1 Squad 50 men.
To make a track to enable guns to be taken into all forward positions now prepared on the STEENBEEK.
C.R.E., 29th Division has detailed a party of 5 R.E. details to assist this squad.
Tools can be obtained on demand from London Field Co. R.E. at ELVERDINGHE.
An Officer from 17th Brigade R.F.A. will superintend the work to be carried out by this squad.
29th D.A.C. will draw camouflage, material etc required and will deliver it by horse transport as required by the officer from 17th Brigade in charge of the work.
Demands for material, camouflage etc to be sent direct to Staff Captain 29th Divisional Artillery.
Accommodation available –
All dug-outs etc in the area – U.27.b.0.0. – U.27.b.0.8. – U.27.b.5.9. – U.27.b.9.6.
No 2 Squad 40 men.
To assist in the construction of a new position in the neighbourhood of ARTILLERY WOOD to be occupied by D/74 Battery R.F.A.
An officer from D/74 Battery R.F.A. will superintend the work to be carried out be this squad.
Guards D.A.C. will draw camouflage, material, etc. required, and will deliver it by horse transport as required by the Officer of D/74 Battery R.F.A. in charge of the work. Demands for material, camouflage etc to be sent to Staff Captain 29th Divisional Artillery.
Accommodation available:-
Nissen Huts near MARIE JEAN FARM at B.9.c.2.4. (Sheet 28)

No 3 Squad. 60 men.
To construct new gun position in square U.26. The first position to be constructed is the position already marked out at U.26.d.20.65.
Centre line of pits parallel to Railway, Pits to allow of a switch of 30o each way.
O.C., 11th Brigade R.F.A. will detail an officer to superintend the work of this squad.
29th D.A.C. will draw material, camouflage, etc required and deliver it as required by the Officer of the 11th Brigade R.F.A. who is superintending the work.
Demands for camouflage, material, etc will be sent direct to Staff Captain 29th Divisional Artillery.
Accommodation available:- WOOD HOUSE. Dugouts at U.25.d.12.45. near LAPIN FARM. Dugouts at U.25.d.4.9. behind ABRI WOOD.

3. All squads will stay night 25th/26th with 29th D.A.C.
Squads 2 & 3 will proceed to their new billets on the morning of the 26th and will commence work on afternoon of 26th.
Squad 1 will proceed to their new billets on the evening of 26th and commence work on the morning of the 27th.

4. Staff Captain 29th Divisional Artillery will arrange for rations to be drawn and delivered, notifying all concerned of the arrangements made.

5. The time for this work is very limited so that every effort must be made to get it completed by the evening of 30th Sept.

6. Each party will detail an aeroplane scout.

Signature unreadable
Captain R.A.
Staff Captain, 29th Divisional Artillery.
Copies to all concerned

ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS, No 736 24 September 1917

By Major-General W. DOUGLAS SMITH C.B.
Commanding 20th (Light) Division
Monday 24th September, 1917.


Under authority granted by His Majesty the King, the Corps Commander has awarded the MILITARY MEDAL to —
61070 Driver H. BAKER, R.E.
(XIV Corps No 2739, dated 22/9/17)
14840 Sergeant D. GREY King’s (Liverpool Regt.)
25947 Private F. FELTHAM, Somerset L.I.
26005 Private A.W. STEBBINGS, Somerset L.I.
(XIV Corps No 2743/44, dated 23/9/17)
The Corps and Divisional Commanders congratulate the recipients.


The following telegrams with reference to the operations against EAGLE Trench on Sunday, September 23rd, are published for information —
(i). “20th Div. G.
G.750. 23 —
Well done everybody, a very fine performance of 59th and 60th Bdes and 61st T.M.s and M.G.s; sincere thanks and congratulations for a grand light infantry division. Stick to it. CAVAN
4-56 p.m.”

“14th Corps.
G.B. 657. 23 G.750.
All ranks deeply appreciate kind message from Corps Commander under whom they have had the good fortune to serve so long.
20th Div.”

(ii). “General SMITH, 20th Div.
M.A.5. 23. —
The tenacity gallantry and skill which your Division showed over the operations round EAGLE Trench are very fine. Please accept my congratulations and expressions of admiration to you and all ranks of your gallant Division.
General GOUGH.”

“Fifth Army.
G.B.658. 23 M. A.5.
All ranks deeply appreciate inspiring message from their Army Commander and offer best thanks.
20th Div.”

(iii). “Gen DOUGLAS SMITH, 20th Div.
G.504. 23. —
Many Congratulations to you and your Division on to-days success.
Genl. PLUMER, Second Army.
10-5 p.m.”.

“Second Army
G.B. 666. 24. G.504
All ranks send warm thanks to their former Army Commander for his kind message which they much appreciate.
20th Div.”

A Board will assemble at “Q” Office, Div H.Q., at 10 a.m., Tuesday, 25th instant, to audit the accounts of the Divisional Institutes:— President.
Major H.P. LLOYD Durham L.I.
One Captain to be detailed by 59th Inf. Bde.
One Captain to be detailed by 60th Inf. Bde.

C.R.O. No. 446, dated 25th June, is re-published below:-
“1. No huts, tents, camp shelters or billet furniture and fixings are to be removed from the camps or areas to which they have been allotted, unless instructions to the contrary are issued from Corps H.Q. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against all infringements of this order.
2. The tents of Labour Units belong to such Units, and will accompany them when they move.
3. This order is to be repeated in the Routine Orders of all lower Formations and Uuits.”

A.A. & Q.M.G.


1 No Administrative Orders were published on Sunday, 23/9/17.

(a). Bay Gelding with black points. Strayed from near DAWSON’S CORNER at 11 a.m. on 22nd September 1917. Markings;– Near fore hoof “7”, off fore hoof “A 92” , near hind hoof “T-RHA”.
(b). Also one set of universal Saddlery. Saddle marked “F.X.” in white paint on webbing under seat. Head bridle marked “F”.
Information to O.C. A/92nd Brigade R.F.A.

3. LOST. (a) Chestnut Gelding, near BRIELEN, on night of 19th September 1917. Description:– Dark Chestnut. Star on forehead. 16 hands. Tattooed on gums. “X2 56” branded near hind quarters. Saddled and bridled, and carrying empty ammunition carriers, horse respirator, and feed.
(b) Chestnut Mare, near BRIELEN, on night 19th September, 1917. Description:– Dark Chestnut. 15 hands. Tattooed on gums. “X2 7” branded on near hind quarters. Saddled and bridled, and carrying horse respirator and feed.
Both belong to 126th Battery R.F.A.

3rd Bde Tanks.

G.A. 217. 21st.

G.O.C. 20th Div. wishes to convey to you and all ranks your command his appreciation and thanks for the very gallant and whole-hearted services rendered to his Div. in late attack which were the main factors in obtaining a great success.

20th Div.
20th Div.

F.A.50. 21st

The Third Bde Tank Corps appreciate very much your message and hope to have the honour of participating again in the successes of your gallant Division.

3rd Bde. Tank Corps.


3rd Army.

G.B. 540. 25th.

All ranks of this Division wish to express their pleasure at the promotion of the Army Commander to the rank of General.

20th Division.


G.O.C. 20th Div.

B.12. 25th.

Please express my sincere appreciation of kind message. I remember with pride the gallant part played by the 20th Division in the recent victory.

Gen. Byng.

MESSAGE 23 September 1917

“A” Form


Senders Number Day of Month In reply to Number AAA
G.B. 647 23

Following telegram from Corps Commander begins AAA Well done everybody a very fine performance of 59th and 60th Bdes. and 61st Trench Mortars and Machine Guns AAA Sincere thanks and congratulations for a grand Light Infantry Division AAA Stick to it AAA CAVAN AAA Ends AAA Addsd 59 60 and 61 Inf. Bdes. repeated all Divisional troops and units.

From: 20 Div.
(sd) F.S.G. PIGGOTT ? Major G.S.
Signature of Addressee.

23 Sept 1917.

20TH (LIGHT) DIVISION ORDER NO. 211. 22 September 1917

SECRET. Copy No 1
22nd September, 1917.

Reference Maps: BROEMBEEK 1/10,000 (Edition 2), and
LANGEMARCK 1/10,000 (Edition 2).
1. The minor operation ordered yesterday in Order No. 209 in conjunction with Tanks did not take place owing to the non-arrival of the Tanks.

2. The situation as regards our most advanced troops has not altered, and a detachment of the enemy are still in EAGLE Trench between U.23.b.70.10. and U.23.b.47.43.

3. The Tanks detailed for the attack are now in LANGEMARCK at U.23.c.15.25., and, unless these are disabled during the day by enemy shell fire, the attack will take place, under orders of B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde. as ordered in Order No. 209 of yesterday except where otherwise stated.
ZERO hour will be 5.30 a.m., and at this hour the Tanks will arrive at the point where EAGLE Trench crosses the SCHREIBOOM – GOED TER VESTEN Road and SCHREIBOOM – RED HOUSE Road.

4. Should the Tanks not be able to operate tomorrow, a bombing attack will be made against EAGLE Trench from the South from about U.23.b.85.00. at 7.0 a.m., and an endeavour made to capture the enemy’s portion of EAGLE Trench in this manner.
The attack will be preceded at 6.57 a.m. by a hurricane bombardment by Stokes Mortars from the direction of a trench about U.23.d.17.98. Arrangements for this have already been made.

5. The B.G.C. 60th Inf. Bde. will place a detachment of not less than 50 at the disposal of B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde.

6. The Artillery Programme will be similar for either of the above operations, and will be as follows:- Bursts of fire will be directed at intervals on KANGAROO Trench between U.24. central and U.17.d.85.00.
This bombardment will commence this evening at an hour to be notified later, and will continue till 7.30 a.m. tomorrow unless EAGLE Trench has been captured by the action of the Tanks prior to this hour. A smoke barrage will also be placed on a line just South of KANGAROO Trench between U.24.a.77.25. and U.23.b.83.90. at 7 a.m. in the event of failure by theTanks.

7. The B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde. will detail an officer and 2 other ranks to be at the Road junc. U.23.c.65.69. from 4 a.m. onwards, in order to be in a position to notify the attacking troops prior to 5.30 a.m. whether the Tanks detailed for the attack are likely to arrive.

8. Watches will be synchronized by a Staff Officer of Div. H.Q. at STRAY FARM at 6.30 p.m. to-night.

The Officer Comdg. Tanks, now in LANGEMARCK, will synchronize his watch with that of O.C. 10th R.B. at Bn. H.Q. at U.23.c.70.75.


J.McN Haskard,
Lieut. Colonel,
General Staff, 20th Division.
Issued to Signals at 4.50 p.m.

Distribution overleaf.

Copies to :-
No. 1. A.D.C. for G.O.C. 13. A.P.M.
2. G.S. 14. D.M.G.O.
3. A.A. & Q.M.G. 15. XIV Corps.
4. Div. R.A. 16. XIV Corps R.A.
5. Div. R.E. 17. XIV Corps H.A.
6. Div. Signals. 18. Guards Div.
7. 59th Inf. Bde. 19. 4th Div.
8. 60th Inf. Bde. 20. 29th Div.
9. 61st Inf. Bde. 21. 51st Div.
10. Div. Pioneers. 22. Right Bombardment Group.
11. Div. M.G. Coy. 23. No. 9 Sqdn. R.F.C.
12. A.D.M.S. 24. 1st Bde. Tanks.
25. War Diary.
26. File.