Letter to General Sir W. Douglas-Smith dated 13 January 1927

Embossed Government notepaper.

13th January, 1927


My dear General,

I wrote to you on 20th December about your request for the Duke of Brabant to be asked to unveil the Memorial to the 20th Division at Langemarck, and undertook to make the necessary enquiries.

We now hear that H.R.H. has accumulated so many engagements during his absence from Brussels on his honeymoon that he is unable to add to them, although “he would have appreciated the honour had his time not been so fully occupied”.

In these circumstances perhaps you will consider the advisability of inviting some one connected with the Division to perform the unveiling ceremony.

If you will let us know in due course the details asked for in the last paragraph of our letter of the 28th October last we will take the necessary steps with the Foreign Office.

We will not reply officially, as I think this letter gives all the information you require to know.


Yours sincerely,

J.J.H. Nation


Major General Sir W. Douglas Smith, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.

c/o Messrs Lloyds Bank Ltd.,

Cox’s Branch

6, Pall Mall,

S.W. 1.