War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 16 April 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 16 April 1919




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda




April 16 1919.

A/76th Army Brigade R.F.A.



I have I hope taken root at last; but you never know in this army of ours.


Our high elevation here gives us the full force of very strong winds, but the wonderful view is usually obscured by frequent heavy rain and hail showers. It has been a very cold spring.  The good weather only lasted three days.  The Captain is coughing and sneezing like a soda water bottle, so I suppose I shall be in a like condition in a day or so.


We are miles away from anywhere, and some distance from the rest of the Brigade, so we are not worried much by senior officers and the staff. But yesterday the General did arrive with the Colonel and the A.D.C., who was at school with me at Cheltenham.  He seemed fairly satisfied.


My harness is not over clean, however, and I expect there will be trouble before long if it is not better. I am very shorthanded at present, as many men have been demobilised, none taking their place.  There are a lot of horses to look after as well, about 170, among them a whole section of greys, which look very fine.


There is only one captain, a ranker, and one subaltern with me. One subaltern is away with the guns, which are being calibrated on the other side of the Rhine.  Another is going on leave as he has not been home since last October, and yet another is attached to B Battery, as they have only a Major and a Captain.


The Boche villagers here are an extraordinary crowd. They are very polite, and I take what straw and wood I like without paying for it, which is a novelty.  All have to be in their houses by nine unless they get permission from me to be out.  If they are caught out the sentries arrest them and they are subsequently tried for the offence.  They seem to be doing a lot of work in the fields, when they are not in church to which they go regularly every morning.  I am living in the school house, and have quite a good mess, and an excellent piano.  We use all their crockery and cutlery without payment.  Nearly all the men have beds.  Unfortunately there is nothing for the men to do when they are not working, and there is sometimes a little trouble.


We had a service on Sunday afternoon, the wretched padre having to come miles, and a sort of concert in the evening. It is much too wet to play games at present.


One of our subalterns, Isgar, is a Somerset farmer.


Do you remember the pre-war Empire Days and the thoughts of a possible German menace. Well, here we are on the Rhine.




C.R.A.             Brig. General M.P. Monkhouse, C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O.


76th (Army) Brigade, R.F.A.


C.O.    Lieut. Colonel R.G. Thomson, C.M.G., D.S.O.



A Battery.

Major, R.E.M. Wheeler, M.C.

Captain F.C.R. Prior-Wandesforde, D.S.O.

Captain J.D. Tremlett M.C.


B Battery.

Major E.S.G. Howard.

Captain E.H. Prior.

Lieut A.H. Hamilton-Gordon.


C Battery.

Major H.E. Cheeseman


D Battery (Howitzer.)

Major A.A. Laporte Payne.

Captain S.H. Hilyard.



9 Div of Drifters 15 April 1919

Lieut. R.H. Palmer R.N.V.R.

D “Northesk” II No 2022


April 15 1919

Paymaster Commander

H.M.S. “Dreel Castle”




I beg to advise that I have this day drawn from Cashier, Gibraltar Dockyard the sum of two hundred and sixteen pounds (£216.0.0) which has been disposed of as follows:-

Advance Victualling money for 3 weeks from April 11 1919

H.M.D “Northesk II” No. 2022                                £28.0.0

“    “Prime” No 2289                                            £24.0.0.

“   “Hopeful” No 2386                                        £22.0.0.

“   “Comely” No. 2387                                       £22.0.0.



The total amounts for each Drifter were handed to the respective Skippers & amounted to the sum of £2 per man.


Receipts in duplicate were obtained the originals of which are enclosed herewith together with list of names of crew. The duplicates are being held by me until my arrival in Falmouth.


Pay (on account) disposed of as follows: –


H.M.D “Northesk II” No. 2022                                £46.0.0

“    “Prime” No 2289                                            £26.0.0.

“   “Hopeful” No 2356                                        £24.0.0.

“   “Comely” No. 2387                                       £24.0.0.



Receipts from each Rank & rating were obtained in duplicate, the original being enclosed herewith & duplicate being held by me until my arrival in Falmouth.


Reginald H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

S.O. of Div.

List of Officers & Men Mentioned in Despatches 11 April 1919

List of Officers & Men Mentioned in Despatches 11 April 1919


List of Officers, N.C.O.s and Men of the Construction Department, Inland Water Transport, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force mentioned in Sir William Marshall’s despatch dated 11th November 1918 and published in the Supplement to the London Gazette dated 18th February 1919.


Captain (Temp. Lieut. Col.) R.D.T. Alexander D.S.O. 1/14 Bn. London Regt.(London Scottish).

Temp. Lieut. F. Dunnett, Special List

Lieut. (Temp. Major) E.L. Harvey, I.A.R.O.

Temp. Captain G. Neilson, R.E.

Temp. Lieut. H.R. Pape, Special List.

Temp. Captain E. Wilson R.E.

Sergeant (Acting C.S.M.) V.G. Bearn R.E. No 309077.

L/Corpl. H. Darke R.E. No 309090.

Sapper (Acting Sergeant) J.H. Lang R.E. No 553959.

Sapper (Acting Sergeant) W.C. Prouse R.E. N552840.

Sapper J. Scotland R.E. No 554149.

Sapper (Acting C.S.M.) R.C. Watts R.E. No 553229.

  1. Geary No 25184, Carpenter Foreman.

Hon. Temp. Subadar Gyan Chardra Roy.

L.A. Castellas No 25627, Clerk.

F.W. Knight No 23427 Stenographer.

Allah Ditta No 19808 Chargeman Fitter.

Roor Singh No. 9920, Carpenter R.I.M.

Hon. Temp. Jamadar Mohamed Din No. 42427 Workshops Chargeman.

Nand Singh No. 35475, Carpenter.

Santa Singh No. 25189, Wireman Foreman.

Sona Kara, No. 61620 Tindal.

Drjan Singh No. 46896, Carpenter Mistry.

Yakub Ali No. 47758, Timekeeper.

Jeneant Singh No. 19683; Carpenter.


No. 2314/E/2(G)       D/11th April 1919

Forwarded to:- a/R.S.M. R.C. Watts R.E. No. 553229

With Major Harvey’s and my Congratulations.

R.D.T. Alexander

Lieut. Colonel

Superintending Engineer,

A.D.I.W.T. Construction.


War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 11 April 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 11 April 1919




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda




April 11 1919.

A/76th Army Brigade R.F.A.


I took over the command of this battery yesterday. We are in the hills all by ourselves.  There is a wonderful view from my bedroom over the hills and pine forests.


The village is small and rather dirty, but my billet and the mess are quite good.


I knew one of the Battery Commanders before. He is Wheeler of A Battery.  The Colonel, Thomson came to lunch yesterday with the Adjutant, Burston.


War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 4 April 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne 4 April 1919




Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda




April 4 1919.

A/76th Army Brigade R.F.A.



I have just arrived at this unit, to which I am attached. After wandering over a good deal of Germany I have at last come to rest.


I met Rex Collins in Cologne the other day.  He is trying to get out of the army as soon as possible.  The Colonel here is very decent.  He has only been with the Brigade two or three days.







On the 23rd March 1919, Benito Mussolini formed the National Fascist Party and galvanised the support of many unemployed war veterans. He organised them into armed squads known as Black Shirts, who terrorised their political opponents. Mussolini had fought in the Italian army and in 1917 had been badly wounded and discharged. Upon recovering he resumed his position of editor-in-chief of his new paper Il Popolo d’Italia.


In July 1919, after having fought in the Great War, Adolf Hitler was still in the German Military as an acting intelligence officer. He was sent to report on an emerging right wing group, the German Workers Party (known as the DAP and later renamed the Nazi Party). Hitler was immensely unhappy by the German defeat in the Great War, and blamed the Jews and socialists, who he believed had surrendered the nation. Finding he agreed with the Anti-Semitic, Nationalist beliefs he joined the party in September 1919. At the DAP, Hitler met Dietrich Eckart, one of the founder members who became Hitler’s mentor, exchanging ideas with him. To increase its appeal, the DAP changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler designed the party’s banner of a swastika in a white circle on a red background.


The Republic of Germany-Austria signed the Treaty of Saint-Germain on the 10th September 1919, with the victorious Allies of the Great War. The peace treaty regulated the borders of Austria by dissolving the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They forced Germany-Austria to change its name to Austria. The final condition being they did not continue the union with Germany. The treaty was signed at Saint-Germain near Paris. The United States of America did not ratify the treaty and later made a separate peace treaty with Austria.


Bulgaria signed the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine with the Allies on the 27th November 1919. The peace treaty regulated the borders of Bulgaria, ceding territories back to Serbia and Macedonia. The Bulgarian army was reduced to 20,000 men and the Allies ordered Bulgaria to pay war reparations. The treaty was signed At Neuilly-sur-Seine in France.






War Diary of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Dec 1918



From December 1st 1918 – To December 31st 1918


NIMY     1.12.18    0930 hours, a Brigade Church Parade was held in the Town Hall of NIMY.  Capt. Watts officiated.

0930 hours R.C. Church Parade was held in NIMY Parish Church.


2.12.18   At 1200 hours the 9th Brigade was reviewed by the G.O.C. Division, marching past in Column of Batteries, in       the following order:- 31st., 33rd.,45th., and 36th Batteries.


3.12.18  At 1000 hours an Educational Meeting was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. Knight 31st Battery represented 9th Brigade.  1500 hours a Sports meeting was held at C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. McKay attended.  Lieut. Alexander 36th Battery returned from U.K. leave.


4.12.18    Major L.V.M. COSGRAVE, DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC, proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Capt. M.H. Scott 33rd. Battery took command of 45th. Battery vice Capt. J.H. MacLaren who returned to 31st Battery.


5.12.18    Orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. to be prepared to march from NIMY on December 7th to HOUDENG-AIMERIES Area.  31st. Battery gave a dance for the men 2000 hours in the Dance Hall NIMY.


6.12.18    Major L.V. Cosgrave DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC returned from BRUSSELS.  Divisional Dance at BRUSSELS cancelled. Move to HOUDENG-AIMERIES also cancelled.


7.12.18    A quiet day.  Batteries carried on with harness cleaning etc.


8.12.18    Church Parade at 0930 hours in Town hall NIMY; Capt. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade in NIMY parish Church 0930 hours.


9.12.18    0900 hours to 1100 hours Educational Classes were held in NIMY: 253 O.R.s attended and the scheme got off to a good start.  1400 hours to 1600 hours the opening game of the Brigade Football League was played at NIMY.  31st. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery by a score of 4 – 0.  C.O. and 13 Officers from Brigade attended 3rd. Canadian Division Dance at BRUSSELS where an exceedingly pleasant evening was had by all. Major Ryerson represented C.R.A. at 3rd. Cdn. Div. Warrant Officers and Sergeants Dance in Hotel de Ville MONS.  Lieuts. O’Grady, Livingstone and Smith awarded the MC and Lieut. C.D. Crowe awarded a Bar to the MC.


10.12.18    At 0930 hours orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. that Brigade would march to the HOUDENG-AIMIERES Area on the 11th inst.  1100 hours Major Durkee, 38th Battery, reported to Brigade and took over duties of O.C.  12000 hours Major L.V.M. Cosgrave DSO proceeded to 1st. Brigade C.F.A. to take over duties of C.O.



  • 1000 hours Brigade marched to HOUDENG-AIMERIES arriving at 1400 hours. Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 45th. Battery, 36th Battery, 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery.


SENEFFE 12.12.18 0930 hours Brigade marched to SENEFFE, arriving at 1200 hours.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde H.Q., 36th Battery, 31st Battery, 33rd, Battery, 45th Battery.  Lieut. H. Pryde Bde. H.Q. returned from U.K.    leave.


  • Brigade remained in SENEFFE throughout the day and night of 13th/14th.


  • Major Gordon reported to 36th. Battery from 43rd. Battery, 8th. A.F.A. Brigade, and took over duties of O.C.

GENAPPE.             At 0900 hours Brigade marched from SENEFFE to GENAPPE, arriving at 1400 hours.  At NIVELLES Brigade was inspected by G.O.C.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 31st, 33rd, 45th, 36th Batteries.


LIMAL 15.12.18        At 0915 hours Brigade marched from GENAPE to LIMAL arriving at 1200 hours, Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 33rd., 45th., 36th., 31st. Batteries.  Brigade was inspected by C.R.A. at BOUSVAL.  31st. 33rd. and 36th. Batteries billeted in LIMAL.  45th Battery billeted in PROFONSART.


  • Batteries busy rearranging billets, changing horse lines and settling down. 1400 hours a meeting of the Brigade Sports Committee was held at Bde H.Q., and a schedule of sports was drawn up
  • The Educational programme was resumed in the Ecole Communale at 0900 hours. 200 O.R.s attended the classes.  The classes will be carried out on daily, excluding Sundays, from 0900 hours to 1100 hours.


  • To-days’ football game between 36th. and 45th. Batteries postponed on account of unfavourable weather and ground conditions. Major Durkee attended conference at Division.


LIMAL19.12.18         36th. Battery defeated 45th. Battery in a football game 3 – 0.  Lieuts. Neville and Pepler attached to 3rd C.D.A.C.  Lieut. Kingston proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Lieut. Jones proceeded on U.K. Special Leave.


  • O’Grady, Manning, Mason and Case attended Fete at BRUSSELS. Lieuts. Gall, Clark and Devine returned from Cdn. Corps Artillery School, HABARCQ.  Lieut Kingston returned from Brussels.  31st. Battery defeated Bde H.Q. at football by 12 – 2.


  • 45th. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery at football by 2 – 1. M Beaugrand, French Interpreter proceeded to CALAIS.


  • Church Parade held at 0945 hours in Y.M.C.A. recreation room. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade was held at 1000 hours in LIMAL Parish Church.
  • A meeting of Divisional Sports Committee was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. at 1400 hours to discuss arrangements for the IVth Corps Sports. It was decided to take part in the majority of events.


  • R.A. inspected the 9th. Brigade Batteries in the morning. 36th Battery defeated Bde. H.Q. in a football match by 11 – 4.


  • 33rd. Battery held a dance at 1900 hours. Christmas Dinner was held by all the Batteries. Turkeys and supplies being supplied through Y.M.C.A.


  • In a Football match in the afternoon 31st. Battery defeated 45th. Battery 5 – 1.


  • Quiet Day.


  • Lieut-Col. F.T. COGHLAN returned to Brigade from Canadian Corps Artillery School, HABARQ.




  • Brigade moved from LIMAL to HOEYLEART, arriving there at 1200 hours, and Brigade marched in the following order: Bde. H.Q., 45th, 36th, 31st, 33rd. Batteries. Lieut-Col Coghlan proceeded to Cologne.


VLESENBEEK 30.12.18       Brigade resumed its march to the entraining area and reached VLESENBEEK at 1500 hours.  Batteries marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q. 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery, 45th. Battery, 36th Battery.  Orders were received that Brigade would resume its march on the 31st, but later this order was cancelled.


31.12.18     In accordance with orders received, Brigade remained in this Area, and will continue the march to the entraining area on 1st. January 1919.




A/OC 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.