Gerald Benham’s notes from diaries July various years

Gerald Benham’s notes from diaries

6 July 1914. Moved to 8 Hospital Road.

30 July 1915. Brian christened.

14 July 1916. The King inspected us (& other units) at Frinton.
24 July 1916 Farewell smoking concert for N.C.O.’s & a large draft.
25 July 1916 Col Bulter seen by Lord Shaftesbury & told he would not accept Major Lyle as 2nd in C & that he was to put my name forward.
30 July 1916 “ Saw draft off from Colchester Station

7 July 1917 Saw a number of German planes to their way to LONDON.

17 July 1918 On way to railhead had a nasty accident to my ribs by a door slamming
In to them. Spent night in hospital.
18 July 1918 Ordered by A.Q.M.G. Div to report to 11 Essex H.Q. Arrived at horse lines & met Maj & Q.M. Roberts.
26 July 1918 Saw Vernon Pebudy in his dug out
27 July 1918 Moved off to front line at night. Felt very bilious & much pain in ribs.

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