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Letter to Miss Dillon 9 December 1918



Dear Lillie and Anna,

Oui! Car amors!!  When you refer to Wednesday afternoon at 4.15 entrance Junior Army & Navy, Regent Street, Tea – the subject…. Terribly glad to hear from you – thought you were in Spa or Amsterdam or Murmansk – or Dublin.  Guess who is in U.K?  Guess right!  You’ve guessed correctly and he’s just dying to see “two teas”.  He is in Sealand at present and when he returns in a week’s time – a fortnight or month – J*** receive an important order to join a glee party – one of them of which one can be certain to entertain ** be the ** order of 4 teas please!

Until 4.15 Wednesday – Junior Army & Navy Regent Street – ** and *** N* the two of ye – Yours sincerely S.J. King


With cover addressed to Miss Lillie Dillon, No 1 M.T. Depot, Grove Park.  Postmarked London 7.15 P.M. 9 DEC 18

Alf Smith card from Canterbury 6 December 1918




To J. Smith, 100 Arcadian Gdns, Wood Green, London N22 England.

Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE M 9 7 DE 18.

Prisoner of War Reception Camp at No 1 Camp Canterbury.

I have been released and expect to be home shortly.

I am quite well


Signature only. A. Smith

Date Dec 6th 18

Alf Smith postcard home 6 December 1918





DEC 6TH 18


Dear Father


Just a few lines to let you know I am getting home by degrees I am now at Boulogne expect to cross the Channel to-morrow.  No doubt we shall have to spend a few days at a base or debot (depot) before being sent home but I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon now.

Glad to say I am A.1. & hope you are all in the best of health.

Please excuse more news.

With much love

From your





Addressee Mr. T Smith, 100 Arcadian Gardens, Wood Green, London N.22 England.


Passed by Censor No 1061. on envelope

9th. Canadian Artillery Brigade 6 December 1918

9th. Canadian Artillery Brigade



December 6th 1918



All Batteries



9th Brigade CFA will march on 7th inst from present billets to Area HOUDENG-AMERIES


Starting point will be starting of road and canal One mile N.W. of N in NIMY (VALENCIENNES Sheet), and Brigade will march via CASTEAU-THIEUSIES to new area.


Batteries will march in the following order, and head of column will pass starting point at 1000 hours ;-


Brigade H.Q.

45th Battery CFA

36th Battery CFA

31st Battery CFA

33rd Battery CFA


Your attention is called to “Notes taken at 3rd. Cdn. Div. H.Q. December 6th”.  Kit and equipment will be carried as laid down in that memo.


Distances and points in march discipline as laid down in Fourth Army No G.S. 128, sent you today are to be strictly observed.


In passing any guards which may turn out, Officers only will salute, no “Eyes Right” or ”Eyes Left” being given.


Two Gunners may ride on limbers and wagon body respectively and a breaks man on G.S. wagons.


B.C.s will carefully inspect their batteries before moving off to see that equipment is properly carried.

Miss Dillon drivers permit 1 December 1918

G.P.18601 A


The undersigned…Miss Dillon L.C.

(description)……. Driver WL MT ASC. No 1 RES DEPOT GROVE PARK


being employed on Active Service, is hereby authorised by the Secretary of State for War to drive a motor car, lorry or bicycle, when on Government duty.


  1. Maude

Secretary of the War Office

  1. Dillon

Signature of Holder



Available from 1-12-18 to 31-12-18


On reverse


Randall 2nd Lt

  1. i/c Transport Section.

For O.C. Transport & Workshop Coy.


Honours & Awards for month of November 1918 9th Canadian Field Arty



HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of NOVEMBER 1918




Unit                             Regtl No.           Rank & Name                          Action for which recommended


33rd Battery CFA                                Lieut E. PHILPOTT                        For bravery and determination under heavy enemy shell fire on September 2nd. 1918 in the Operations S.E. of ARRAS.

On above date this officer was acting as F.O.O. and was in charge of a party of Signallers who were to lay a line to the first objective. The party came under very heavy shell fire soon after our barrage started and Lieut. Philpott was wounded in the back.  He refused to go back and after having the wound dressed, he pushed forward.


He was again wounded this time seriously and had to be taken to a dressing station, but not before he had established communication with Brigade H.Q. and an O.P.


33rd Battery CFA                                   Lieut. L. McGILLIVRAY            For courage, resource and devotion to duty in the Offensive S.E. of AMIENS during the period August 8th – 12th 1918.

This officer was in charge of a party of 30 N.C.O.s and men detailed by the 9th Brigade C.F.A. to man guns which might be captured in the advance East of AMIENS.  He went forward with the first wave of Infantry, and with his party, who were all armed with rifles, assisting in capturing 3 -15c.m. howitzers.  These he immediately put into action against the enemy.


36th Battery CFA                           Lieut.  F.J. LONGWORTH                  For conspicuous gallantry in the AMIENS Offensive during the period August 8th to August 15th in the supply of ammunition to the guns when in charge of the 36th Battery wagon lines.



HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of NOVEMBER 1918


Unit                                  Regtl No.              Rank & Name                        Action for which recommended





36th. Battery CFA            314172        Gnr.   C.B. CLIMO He went over the top with the F.O.O. during the attack on the DROCOURT-QUEANT Switch Line.  On September 2nd 1918, when the F.O.O. was wounded and the telephone smashed he secured a German telephone and carried on.




31st. Battery CFA           308638        Bdr.  O. REED   (M.M)             On October 18th 1918, on the SENSEE CANAL vicinity of WASNES-AU-BAC, he assisted in putting out a fire amongst the ammunition in a gun pit, by means of mud and his great coat at great personal danger.




31st. Battery CFA     91576          Sgt.  F.J. BROOK                        On September 29th 1918 at BOURLON, while acting S.M. in charge of the wagon lines, he rallied the Drivers, replaced casualties and extricated the wounded in a severe bombing raid.



31st. Battery CFA      29916           Sgt. R. KEWLEY         On September 27th 1918, at QUARY WOOD, he replaced the casualties to his gun team, attended the wounded and rallied his men under very heavy and continuous shell fire from 15cm Hows.




HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of NOVEMBER 1918



Unit                            Regtl No.              Rank & Name                          Action for which recommended




31st. Battery CFA        91667           SGT F. CULLIMORE On night 28th/29th September at BOURLON.  During a heavy bombing raid on the horse lines, assisted the wounded, replaced casualties in gun and wagon teams, which was the means of enabling the Batty to advance its guns that night for an attack.


31st. Battery CFA    308628         Cpl.  WJ McKEEN         On September 27th 1918 at INCHY, when in charge of pack animals taking ammunition to Battery position, a heavy enemy bombardment opened up.  He guided his men and kept the Battery well supplied with ammunition.


36th Battery CFA      301147         Cpl G. WYLD                  On night September 27th:28th 1918 near BOURLON, while in charge of Sub-section returning from Gun position they were heavily shelled.  Although wounded, he rendered First Aid ***** (text missing) and got them away from the shelled*** (text missing)


45th. Battery CFA     304515         Bdr. H. NEWLOVE          At BOURLON while in charge of a Sub-section, the gun positions were heavily shelled, and his neighbouring detachment became casualties.  He cleared the wounded, and personally laid, loaded and fired his own gun.


HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of NOVEMBER 1918



Unit                           Regtl No.              Rank & Name                          Action for which recommended





36th Battery CFA      337814         A/Bdr.  G. SHRU

36th Battery CFA      301306         Bdr. M. McLEAN

36th Battery CFA      301318         A/Bdr. J.R. McDOUGALL At ST. OLLE on the night October 7th 1918 while placing guns in position they were subjected to a heavy concentrated shoot which caused many casualties.  Only one gun team was left and all guns had to be moved between intervals and while ammunition was exploding, they assisted the wounded and consistently endeavoured to salve equipment.  By their perseverance they managed to get all the guns except one, in action for the next operation.



31st Battery CFA       308632        Dvr.  F. MATHIEU

31st. Battery CFA      308653        Dvr.  D. THEBERGE         For conspicuous dash and gallantry at INCHY on September 27th 1918.  While the Battery was advancing to take up a position a heavy barrage was laid on the route followed.  Several casualties to gun teams occurred.  They took in their own gun and volunteered to assist the other gun teams.  They took in the two remaining guns and the Battery was able to assist in the Barrage the following morning.




45th Battery CFA      348535       A/Bdr. W. McDOWELL   At INCHY, on September 27th 1918, he acted as No I.  During the advance through the heavy barraged Village, it was essential that all guns be taken with all possible speed.  He selected his route with unerring judgement and guided the vehicles through the terrific shelling.


HONOURS & AWARDS. For month of NOVEMBER 1918



Unit                           Regtl No.              Rank & Name                          Action for which recommended




45th Battery CFA      1250596      Gnr. A. WOOD                 On the morning of 29th September he went forward with the F.O.O. but owing to the intense Artillery and machine gun fire it was impossible to keep up telephone communication.  He went forward and ascertained the situation from the Infantry and returned with valuable information.  He afterwards laid lines to Infantry and Brigade O.P. which he patrolled for a period of 24 consecutive hours, under heavy artillery fire.


33rd Battery CFA      348986        Gunner. W. BALDWIN   On the morning of October 2nd. 1918 near ST. OLLE, he went forward with the F.O.O. who established an O.P.  Almost as soon as the telephone line was laid it was blown out by shell fire.  All the breaks were found to be where the line crossed a sunken road, which was the place heavily shelled.  He worked continuously all day mending breaks and putting in new line under heavy shell fire.


45th Battery CFA     348465                Sgt.  W.H. GLEED From February to September 1918, this N.C.O. acted as Battery Sergt-Major at the guns.  During the operations throughout this period, he showed exceptional energy and devotion to duty.  His coolness and good judgment under heavy shell fire has been most commendable.


31st. Battery CFA       424674                 Sgt. B. HOWARTH

(Croix de Guerre)                                  On October 18th 1918 on the SENSEE CANAL, vicinity of WASNES-AU-BAC, he assisted in putting out a fire amongst the ammunition in a gun pit, by means of mud and   his great coat, at great personal danger.