9th Div of Drifters 27 December 1918

S.O. 9th Div of Drifters

D “Northesk” II No 2022


Dec 27th 1918

Staff Paymr (V)

H.M.S. “Europa”




Enclosed are receipt notes for Victualling Stores supplied to me for vessels in my division, each note duly signed by the Skipper.


Signatures for the 200 lbs soap and 60 lbs tobacco have been sent direct to H.M.S. “Caesar” as you instructed.


With regard to Victualling Stores I regret to have to report two items missing:- 1 bag of sugar 100 lbs for ”Ebenezer” N0 2294, and 1 jar vinegar for “Northern Scot” No 2425.


The stores were delivered onboard at 7 pm at night by a sardine boat & the darkness & delay in detaining the boat prevented each vessels’ gear being checked. The stores were stowed away as received (all mixed) in the hold & checked on passage next morning.


Possibly there were left on the deck of the “Europa” as it was dark when the boat was loaded, or may have been dropped. Would you please have enquiries made as the loss is considerable to the crew.


Furthermore, there appears to be considerable quantities of tins bad, & so far we have undone 6 tins of Rabbit (all bad) 3 Corned Beef & 1 Marmalade.  The tins being considerably swollen.  These are from stores supplied to “Northesk II” No 2022.


Request whether these should be retained and returned to “Europa”.


Slips for slops are being sent under separate cover as instructed.


Among Victualling Stores received is one tin of tea too many marked “2022”.


The quantity ordered by “Northesk II” No 2022 was 70 lbs but only 20 lbs is marked on the supply note; in addition to the 20 lbs (2 tins) there is another tin; shall we retain this & have it charged to us & possibly it may account for the missing sugar (in the total number of cases, bags etc).


R.H. Palmer

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

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