Letter re 20th Div Memorial 20 March 1927





March 20th 1927

My Dear General,

Thank you for your letter also for cheque 12/6 – you have now paid up everything.


I think you will find General Caliatoy will appear from “November” at exactly 12 o’clock.  That is what the French General did at Guillemont.


I am sending you a proof of the “Form of Service”.   This has been drawn up in consultation with Barry (who is at present correcting the proof, the enclosed being a duplicate.)  I am afraid there will be no time to get any amendments from you so I hope you find it as you would wish.


We are sending “Formal Invitations” to the War Office – I.W.G.C. – Belgian attaché & any others we can think of and I am sending some dozen to the Ypres League representative to distribute to the correct local magnates.


The unveiling is at 12. We return to Ypres and all have a Luncheon together at 1.30.  I have arranged for 20 additional places for guests – The Belgian General and any of the local people who ought to be asked & whom you will ask no doubt on the spot.


I have arranged for 13 waiters that is one for each Regiment or Corps in the Division to be at Ypres and each have cards giving the various Battns of each tied with regimental colours. These will be laid at the memorial after the Service.  I am also taking out a flag to hang over the Tablet which you will remove when you “unveil”.


I will not be travelling with the party but am joining it at Ypres (having been sent off to Spain again at a moments notice).  The History will be posted to your Farnham address.


I think this is all. I am writing rather fully because I won’t be seeing you in England – Story is dealing with any emergencies from now on, his address being

Lt Col P.F. Story

26 Belsize Grove Hampstead N.W. 3.

Telephone Primrose 4676.


I think we should have a good show. 62 with the Party & some 3 or 4 others joining at Ypres.


Yours sincerely

Alan Brace.


Letter to General Sir W. Douglas-Smith dated 13 January 1927

Embossed Government notepaper.

13th January, 1927


My dear General,

I wrote to you on 20th December about your request for the Duke of Brabant to be asked to unveil the Memorial to the 20th Division at Langemarck, and undertook to make the necessary enquiries.

We now hear that H.R.H. has accumulated so many engagements during his absence from Brussels on his honeymoon that he is unable to add to them, although “he would have appreciated the honour had his time not been so fully occupied”.

In these circumstances perhaps you will consider the advisability of inviting some one connected with the Division to perform the unveiling ceremony.

If you will let us know in due course the details asked for in the last paragraph of our letter of the 28th October last we will take the necessary steps with the Foreign Office.

We will not reply officially, as I think this letter gives all the information you require to know.


Yours sincerely,

J.J.H. Nation


Major General Sir W. Douglas Smith, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.

c/o Messrs Lloyds Bank Ltd.,

Cox’s Branch

6, Pall Mall,

S.W. 1.

War Diary of 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Dec 1918



From December 1st 1918 – To December 31st 1918


NIMY     1.12.18    0930 hours, a Brigade Church Parade was held in the Town Hall of NIMY.  Capt. Watts officiated.

0930 hours R.C. Church Parade was held in NIMY Parish Church.


2.12.18   At 1200 hours the 9th Brigade was reviewed by the G.O.C. Division, marching past in Column of Batteries, in       the following order:- 31st., 33rd.,45th., and 36th Batteries.


3.12.18  At 1000 hours an Educational Meeting was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. Knight 31st Battery represented 9th Brigade.  1500 hours a Sports meeting was held at C.D.A. H.Q. Lt. McKay attended.  Lieut. Alexander 36th Battery returned from U.K. leave.


4.12.18    Major L.V.M. COSGRAVE, DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC, proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Capt. M.H. Scott 33rd. Battery took command of 45th. Battery vice Capt. J.H. MacLaren who returned to 31st Battery.


5.12.18    Orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. to be prepared to march from NIMY on December 7th to HOUDENG-AIMERIES Area.  31st. Battery gave a dance for the men 2000 hours in the Dance Hall NIMY.


6.12.18    Major L.V. Cosgrave DSO and Capt. A.L. Anderson MC returned from BRUSSELS.  Divisional Dance at BRUSSELS cancelled. Move to HOUDENG-AIMERIES also cancelled.


7.12.18    A quiet day.  Batteries carried on with harness cleaning etc.


8.12.18    Church Parade at 0930 hours in Town hall NIMY; Capt. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade in NIMY parish Church 0930 hours.


9.12.18    0900 hours to 1100 hours Educational Classes were held in NIMY: 253 O.R.s attended and the scheme got off to a good start.  1400 hours to 1600 hours the opening game of the Brigade Football League was played at NIMY.  31st. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery by a score of 4 – 0.  C.O. and 13 Officers from Brigade attended 3rd. Canadian Division Dance at BRUSSELS where an exceedingly pleasant evening was had by all. Major Ryerson represented C.R.A. at 3rd. Cdn. Div. Warrant Officers and Sergeants Dance in Hotel de Ville MONS.  Lieuts. O’Grady, Livingstone and Smith awarded the MC and Lieut. C.D. Crowe awarded a Bar to the MC.


10.12.18    At 0930 hours orders were received from 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. that Brigade would march to the HOUDENG-AIMIERES Area on the 11th inst.  1100 hours Major Durkee, 38th Battery, reported to Brigade and took over duties of O.C.  12000 hours Major L.V.M. Cosgrave DSO proceeded to 1st. Brigade C.F.A. to take over duties of C.O.



  • 1000 hours Brigade marched to HOUDENG-AIMERIES arriving at 1400 hours. Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 45th. Battery, 36th Battery, 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery.


SENEFFE 12.12.18 0930 hours Brigade marched to SENEFFE, arriving at 1200 hours.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde H.Q., 36th Battery, 31st Battery, 33rd, Battery, 45th Battery.  Lieut. H. Pryde Bde. H.Q. returned from U.K.    leave.


  • Brigade remained in SENEFFE throughout the day and night of 13th/14th.


  • Major Gordon reported to 36th. Battery from 43rd. Battery, 8th. A.F.A. Brigade, and took over duties of O.C.

GENAPPE.             At 0900 hours Brigade marched from SENEFFE to GENAPPE, arriving at 1400 hours.  At NIVELLES Brigade was inspected by G.O.C.  Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 31st, 33rd, 45th, 36th Batteries.


LIMAL 15.12.18        At 0915 hours Brigade marched from GENAPE to LIMAL arriving at 1200 hours, Brigade marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q., 33rd., 45th., 36th., 31st. Batteries.  Brigade was inspected by C.R.A. at BOUSVAL.  31st. 33rd. and 36th. Batteries billeted in LIMAL.  45th Battery billeted in PROFONSART.


  • Batteries busy rearranging billets, changing horse lines and settling down. 1400 hours a meeting of the Brigade Sports Committee was held at Bde H.Q., and a schedule of sports was drawn up
  • The Educational programme was resumed in the Ecole Communale at 0900 hours. 200 O.R.s attended the classes.  The classes will be carried out on daily, excluding Sundays, from 0900 hours to 1100 hours.


  • To-days’ football game between 36th. and 45th. Batteries postponed on account of unfavourable weather and ground conditions. Major Durkee attended conference at Division.


LIMAL19.12.18         36th. Battery defeated 45th. Battery in a football game 3 – 0.  Lieuts. Neville and Pepler attached to 3rd C.D.A.C.  Lieut. Kingston proceeded to BRUSSELS.  Lieut. Jones proceeded on U.K. Special Leave.


  • O’Grady, Manning, Mason and Case attended Fete at BRUSSELS. Lieuts. Gall, Clark and Devine returned from Cdn. Corps Artillery School, HABARCQ.  Lieut Kingston returned from Brussels.  31st. Battery defeated Bde H.Q. at football by 12 – 2.


  • 45th. Battery defeated 33rd. Battery at football by 2 – 1. M Beaugrand, French Interpreter proceeded to CALAIS.


  • Church Parade held at 0945 hours in Y.M.C.A. recreation room. Watts officiated.  R.C. parade was held at 1000 hours in LIMAL Parish Church.
  • A meeting of Divisional Sports Committee was held at 3rd. C.D.A. H.Q. at 1400 hours to discuss arrangements for the IVth Corps Sports. It was decided to take part in the majority of events.


  • R.A. inspected the 9th. Brigade Batteries in the morning. 36th Battery defeated Bde. H.Q. in a football match by 11 – 4.


  • 33rd. Battery held a dance at 1900 hours. Christmas Dinner was held by all the Batteries. Turkeys and supplies being supplied through Y.M.C.A.


  • In a Football match in the afternoon 31st. Battery defeated 45th. Battery 5 – 1.


  • Quiet Day.


  • Lieut-Col. F.T. COGHLAN returned to Brigade from Canadian Corps Artillery School, HABARQ.




  • Brigade moved from LIMAL to HOEYLEART, arriving there at 1200 hours, and Brigade marched in the following order: Bde. H.Q., 45th, 36th, 31st, 33rd. Batteries. Lieut-Col Coghlan proceeded to Cologne.


VLESENBEEK 30.12.18       Brigade resumed its march to the entraining area and reached VLESENBEEK at 1500 hours.  Batteries marched in the following order:- Bde. H.Q. 31st. Battery, 33rd. Battery, 45th. Battery, 36th Battery.  Orders were received that Brigade would resume its march on the 31st, but later this order was cancelled.


31.12.18     In accordance with orders received, Brigade remained in this Area, and will continue the march to the entraining area on 1st. January 1919.




A/OC 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade.