Letter to Mrs Springett 27 December 1918

Mr. C. Smith,

22 Chase Street

Luton Beds



Dear Mr Springette,

I send my deepest sympathy regarding your son and also my very best friend Frank who I was sorry to hear has been killed while in captivity.  I was hoping to have another nice time together when we both got together again, so you can tell I was sorely disappointed when I arrived home yesterday and my mother told me he had been killed.  I thought I should have cried as we have always been together during our army life and now I have lost the best friend I ever had.

I must thank your daughter Gladys for writing to my mother regarding Frank and you also, I think it was a great disappointment to Mrs. Springette when she heard about him after expecting him home anytime.  I had to leave Frank in Belgium when we were captured as I was wounded and was sent to the hospital.  He bandaged my wound for me and he then ask me to write to you if anything happened to him as I left him carrying wounded out of the line.  Well I should very much like to see you during my 2 months leave, so if you can arrange to see me in London let me know if not I will try and get to Horsmonden.

Remember me to Jim and all at home and tell them I have arrived safe and sound at home and have my feet once more under my mother’s table.  I must now close my letter trusting this will find you and all with the very best of health.

I remain Yours Sincerely



With cover to Mr. S.J. Springette, Tabors Cottage, Horsmonden, Kent.

Postmarked Luton 3.15 PM 27 DEC 18.

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