Letter to Miss Dillon 9 December 1918



Dear Lillie and Anna,

Oui! Car amors!!  When you refer to Wednesday afternoon at 4.15 entrance Junior Army & Navy, Regent Street, Tea – the subject…. Terribly glad to hear from you – thought you were in Spa or Amsterdam or Murmansk – or Dublin.  Guess who is in U.K?  Guess right!  You’ve guessed correctly and he’s just dying to see “two teas”.  He is in Sealand at present and when he returns in a week’s time – a fortnight or month – J*** receive an important order to join a glee party – one of them of which one can be certain to entertain ** be the ** order of 4 teas please!

Until 4.15 Wednesday – Junior Army & Navy Regent Street – ** and *** N* the two of ye – Yours sincerely S.J. King


With cover addressed to Miss Lillie Dillon, No 1 M.T. Depot, Grove Park.  Postmarked London 7.15 P.M. 9 DEC 18

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