War Diary of AA Laporte Payne Aug 1919

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne Aug 1919


Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda
E.A.L.P. Sunday August 3 1919.

The weather is awful, and is hindering our tennis and other occupations.

We are still trying to educate the men, much against their will. I take history and literature classes in the afternoons. Other classes are in mathematics, geography, dictation, agriculture and motor mechanics, taken by the subalterns and the padre.

One of our men, who went on leave on the 25th July, has been found dead in Box tunnel near Bath in mysterious circumstances. He lived at Bristol. Foul play is suspected.

I have just come back from the Cavalry Division Races. The wives of English Officers are beginning to appear now.

One wife caused amusement. She arrived with a mere captain then she was seen with a staff captain, and later with a cavalry staff major. Bets were made on the height she would attain to. Then she appeared with a full blown Brigadier, and finally, glory of glories, she was seen walking in the paddock with no less a divinity than the Commander-in-Chief himself. Hubby, poor man, was left a long way behind.

I got five prizes in the Divisional Horse Show. Tomorrow we have two horses jumping in the Rhine Army Horse Show.

The Boche are having a dance in the village today. I stopped it last week.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the 4th August. The men are having a whole holiday with cricket in the afternoon, and a concert party coming in the evening. In the officers’ mess we are having 15 guests to dinner, including 4 girls from the educational centre at Euskirchen.

We had Lena Ashwell’s Concert Party here the other day. It was the first time I had seen them.

E.A.L.P. August 11 1919

The weather is lovely now. Horse shows continue. Two of our horses got as far as the Army of the Rhine show. One was my grey charger.

Our dinner party was a great success. Of the four girls who honoured us, two were Y.M.C.A. librarians, and two Educationalists, who had been at Cambridge.

I drove a party of seven home at 1 a.m. It was quite dark and we had no lamps.

I went to Cologne by car yesterday. I hope to go to Trier in a day or so.

The officers and N.C.Os were defeated by the battery by 20 runs.

One of my subalterns has gone to India, another is on a course at Oxford, and a third is on leave, so we are short handed.

August 26 1919
Klein Vernich
We are now in the midst of packing and winding up here.

I actually move from here on Sept. 3rd, but I do not expect to cross until some days later. The accumulation of stuff is enormous, and I shall have to lose a lot of it. now we spend our time checking stores, doing accounts, and rendering returns. I have sent most of the equipment away already. The horses go tomorrow. I am remaining behind with most of the men for a few days. We rejoin at Calais.

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