20TH (LIGHT) DIVISION ORDER NO. 209. 21 September 1917

SECRET. Copy No. 1


21st September 1917.
Reference Maps: BROEMBEEK 1/10,000 (Edition 2)
LANGEMARCK 1/10,000 (Edition 2).

1. The 60th Inf. Bde. last night advanced its line to U.24.d.30.50.-U.24.c.75.75. – U.24.a.55.05. – 35.15. – 25.25. EAGLE Trench, as far North as U.23.b.65.15., is also held by the 60th Inf. Bde. The situation in EAGLE Trench between U.23.b.60.30. and U.23.b.30.60. is still uncertain and aeroplane reports that a detachment of 40 of the enemy are still in EAGLE Trench between U.23.b.47.43. and U.23.b.30.60.
Northwards from the latter point advanced troops of the 59th Inf. Bde. are in the same position as yesterday.

2. Two Tanks will, tomorrow, advance against the enemy still in EAGLE Trench. The line of approach will be through LANGEMARCK Village, U.23. central.
At the road junction U.23.b.42.30. the Tanks will separate, and one will take the road towards GOED TER VESTEN FM. and the other the road towards RED HO.
The Tanks will endeavour to enfilade the trenches entered by the enemy and make them surrender.

3. Zero hour will be 5.30 a.m., and at this hour the Tanks will arrive at the points where EAGLE Trench crosses the SCHREIBOOM – GOED TER VESTEN Road and SCHREIBOOM – RED HOUSE Road.
If the Tanks do not arrive at Zero hour, the operation will be considered cancelled for the day.
The B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde. will arrange for an infantry detachment consisting of not less than 50 to be formed up in such a position opposite EAGLE TRENCH, between U.23.b.60.25. and U.23.b.30.60. that they may be able to rush the trench and capture the garrison as soon as the Tank dealing with the above trench exhibits a blue and white signalling flag.
This signal will indicate that the enemy wish to surrender of are retiring.
The B.G.C. 60th Inf. Bde. will arrange for a similar detachment to be placed under the orders of B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde., who will conduct the operations, to deal with any of the enemy who may be in that portion of EAGLE TRENCH between U.23.b.65.15. and U.23.b.50.40.

4. There will be no special Artillery programme.

5. The B.G.C. 59th Inf. Bde. will arrange for three guides, one of whom must be an Officer, to meet the Tanks at AU BON GITE Bridge, U.28.c.84.80. at 4.0 a.m. tomorrow to guide the Tanks through LANGEMARCK Village via U.28.b.85.60. – U.23.c.10.15. – U.23.c.80.77.
Should the Tanks not arrive at the above Bridge by 5.0 a.m., the guides will dismiss.

J. McD Haskard
Lieut. Colonel,
General Staff, 20th Division.
Issued to Signals at 5.20 p.m.
Distribution overleaf.
Copies to –
No 1. A.D.C. for G.O.C.
2. G.S.
3. A. A. & Q.M.G.
4. Div. R.A.
5. Div. R.E..
6. Div. Signals.
7. 59th Inf. Bde.
8. 60th Inf. Bde.
9. 61st Inf. Bde.
10. Div. Pioneers.
11. Div. M.G. Coy.
12. A.D.M.S.
13. A.P.M.
14. D.M.G.O.
15. XIV Corps
16. XIV Corps R.A.
17. XIV Corps. H.A.
18. Guards Div.
19. 4th Div.
20. 51st Div.
21. Right Bombardment Group.
22. No 9 Squadron R.F.C.
23. 1st Brigade “Tanks”.
24. War Diary
25/28. Retained.

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