20TH (LIGHT) DIVISION ORDER NO. 280. 20 September 1917

SECRET. Copy No. 1
20th Sept 1917


Reference Maps: BROEMBEEK 1/10,000 (Edition 2)
LANGEMARCK 1/10,000 (Edition 2).

1. Our line runs approximately as follows:- U.24.c.68.15 – 60.17. – U.23.d.85.70. – U.23.b.40.10. – 34.37. – 80.80. -65.97. – U.17.d.45.15. – 00.15.
51st Div. on our right have reached the line ROSE HOUSE – U.24.d.20.20.

2. The attack will recommence at an hour to be notified later, when the situation has been definitely cleared. The Artillery programme will include a barrage which will open 150 yards in front of the present position of the most advanced infantry, including EAGLE TRENCH between U.23.d.85.70.and U.23.b.59.34. The above barrage will keep 150 yards N.W. of the boundary between the 20th and 51st Divs.
The lifts and pauses will be 50yards in three minutes, except the 1st lift which will be 100x in 6mins and the barrage will remain on its first line for 15 minutes. Apart from these variations the artillery programme will be a repetition of the one carried out this morning.
Smoke shells will be fired into EAGLE TRENCH, just West of the Cemetery.
The 51st Div. have been asked to place a smoke barrage from U.24.d.47.70. to U.24.d.10.10. in the initial stages of the advance. The tail of this barrage will lift as the infantry go forward.

3. The attack will be carried out by the 60th and 59th Inf. Bdes., the final objective being the GREEN Line noted RED Line.

The Inter-brigade Boundary remains the same.

B.Gs.C. 60th and 59th Inf. Bdes. Have arranged to carry out the attack with their Support Bns., their place being taken by the Bns. In Bde. Reserve.
Every endeavour will be made by the 60th Inf. Bde. to obtain touch with the left flank of the 51st Div.

4. The B.G.C. 60th Inf. Bde. will arrange to push out a proportion of his machine-guns towards U.24.d.00.30. to fire towards RED HOUSE and KANGAROO TRENCH. These guns are covered by the presence of the 51st Div. at RED House and just West of it.

5. The machine-guns allotted for barrages will open fire at Zero under orders of the D.M.G.O. and fire for 1 hour 30 minutes on the same barrage lines as this morning.


J. McD Haskard
Lieut. Colonel,
General Staff, 20th Division.
Issued to Signals at 1.30 p.m.
Distribution overleaf.
Copies to –
No 1. A.D.C. for G.O.C.
2. G.S.
3. A. A. & Q.M.G.
4. Div. R.A.
5. Div.R.E..
6. Div. Signals.
7. 59th Inf. Bde.
8. 60th Inf. Bde.
9. 61st Inf. Bde.
10. Div. Pioneers.
11. Div. M.G. Coy.
12. A.D.M.S.
13. A.P.M.
14. D.M.G.O.
15. XIV Corps
16. XIV Corps R.A.
17. XIV Corps. H.A.
18. Guards Div.
19. 4th Div.
20. 51st Div.
21. Right Bombardment Group.
22. No 9 Squadron R.F.C.
23. “Z” Special Coy. R.E.
24. War Diary
25/28. Retained.

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