SECRET Copy No …….
4th September, 1916


Ref – Trench Map LONGUEVAL Sheet,
57 c S.W. – 1/10,000.

1. The 7th Division have consolidated parties in several houses in GINCHY and are fighting their way from house to house.

2. At 6.30 p.m. the barrage which will start 200 yards E. of the GINCHY – WEDGE WOOD ROAD, will again become intensive and creep forward at the rate of 50 yards a minute. Under cover of this the 5th, 20th and 7th Divisions will push strong patrols, with Lewis guns, forward to the line S.W. corner of LEUZE WOOD – T.20.a.6.5. The patrols from 20th Division will be found from 59th and 60th Inf. Brigades.

On reaching this line the patrols will establish themselves thereon and will at once be supported. The ground then seized will be consolidated. Special parties should be told off to bomb up the trench from T.20.c.2.6. to T.20.b.7.3. and to secure the QUARRIES at T.20.d.2.1.

The Heavy Artillery will arrange to bombard all these objectives.

3. The 9th Squadron R.F.C. will detail 2 contact aeroplanes to be in the air from 3.15 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. and one after that hour until dark.

4. Flares will be lit on reaching the objectives and at 6.45p.m.

5. The boundaries between Divisions and brigades will be as stated in paras. 5 and 6 of Operation Order No 90 (Revised copy).

6. Strong points will be constructed at the following points:-

Right Brigade – QUARRY T.20.d.2.1.
Road T.20.d.2.5.
Left Brigade – Trench junction T.20.a.6.5.

7. To assist in the construction of these points and the consolidation of the line, 2 sections 84th Field Coy R.E. will be placed at the disposal of 59th Inf. Bde. and remaining 2 sections of the same coy at the disposal of the 60th Inf. Bde. A working party of 100 infantry will be provided to assist the R.E. allotted to each brigade. these two parties will be provided under arrangements made by C.R.E.

8. O.C. 20th Signal Coy. will synchronise watches at 4.30 p.m.


(sd) R.H. JAMES Lt. Col
for Lieut Colonel
General Staff 20th Division
Issued at 3 p.m.

Distribution overleaf.

Copies to:-

No. 1. XIV Corps (G),
2. XIV Corps (Q),
3. 5th Division.
4. 7th Division.
5. 16th Division.
6. 47th Brigade.
7. 48th Brigade.
8. 59th Brigade.
9. 60th Brigade.
10. 61st Brigade.
11. C.R.A. 24th Division.
12. C.R.A. 6th Division.
13. C.R.E.
14. A.D.M.S.
15. A.P.M.
16. 11th Durham L.I.
17. Adv. “Q”.
18. A.A. & Q.M.G.
19. XIV Corps H.A.
20. 9th Squadron R.F.C.
21/24. Retained.
25. 20th Signal Coy.

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