Copy No …24.
4th September 1916.


1. In continuation of G.893, 4th September the 48th Inf Bde will relieve the 47th and 60th Brigades tonight, and will take over all trench stores, maps and dumps provided for these Brigades. Arrangements for this relief will be made between Brigadiers. Officers of the 48th Brigade should make them selves acquainted with the trenches beforehand.

On relief being effected the 47th Bde will concentrate at CARNOY, the 60th Brigade at TRONES and NEW GUARDS TRENCHES and units of 61st Brigade attached to 47th Brigade will move to CRATERS. On arrival there of the latter units will come under the command of Brigadier 61st Inf. Bde.

2. Headquarters of 61st Brigade will be at CARNOY, Red House.
Headquarters of 47th Brigade will be at CARNOY & BRICK ALLEY.
Headquarters of 60th Brigade will be at BERNAFAY WOOD.
Headquarters of 48th Brigade will be at DUMMY TRENCH.

3. The Field Coys. R.E. and Pioneers attached to the 47th Brigade will not be relieved until the morning of the 5th Sept. They will then return under orders of the C.R.E. to CARNOY, the Field Company rejoining its Brigade Group there.

4. Medical units attached to the 47th and 60th Brigades will be relieved under instructions which will be issued by the A.D.M.S.

5. The 48th Brigade on taking over will detail a permanent garrison for GUILLEMONT North of MOUNT STREET which is organised as a defensive locality and stronghold. O.C. 83rd Field Coy will advise and assist. Arrangements made and garrison detailed should be reported as soon as completed.

6. In view of the complexity of the situation G.Os. C. 47th and 60th Infantry Brigades will issue strict orders that no troops are to leave their posts until relieved by troops of 48th Brigade.

7. Completion of relief will be notified by wiring the word ”Flares” and time to this Headquarters.

(sd) R.H. JAMES Lt. Col.,
for Lieut. Colonel,
General Staff 20th Division.
Issued at 1.30 p.m.
Copies to:-
Distribution overleaf.
Less 6th Bn. Oxf & Bucks L.I.

Copies to:-

No. 1. XIV Corps (G),
2. XIV Corps (Q),
3. 5th Division.
4. 7th Division.
5. 16th Division.
6. 47th Brigade.
7. 48th Brigade.
8. 59th Brigade.
9. 60th Brigade.
10. 61st Brigade.
11. C.R.A. 24th Division.
12. C.R.E.
13. A.D.M.S.
14. C.R.A. 6th Division.
15. A.P.M.
16. 11th Durham L.I.
17. Adv. “Q”.
18. XIV Corps H.A.
19. 9th Squadron R.F.C.
20. A.A. & Q.M.G.
21/24. Retained.
25. 20th Signals.

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