Copy No ……
4th September 1916


1. The XIV Corps will renew the attack today.

(a) At 3.10 p.m. the 5th Division will attack the line B.2.d.4.8. – WEDGE WOOD and the trench from T.26.c.4.5. to T.26.a.8.5½.

(b) The French Corps will simultaneously attack the trench from ACK HANGER WOOD to B.2.d.4.8.

(c) The 7th Division will simultaneously clear up the situation in GINCHY.

2. Subsequently, the exact hour being notified later, the 5th and 20th Divisions will capture the line LEUZE WOOD – T.20.a.6.5., the dividing line between Divisions being the N.W. corner of LEUZE WOOD (T.26.b.8.8 ½.)

3. The 48th Brigade will detail two Battalions for this attack and will assemble in GUILLEMONT and the SUNKEN ROAD T.25.a. before 4 p.m. Dividing line between battalions the road GUILLEMONT – COMBLES inclusive to the right battalion.

4. On gaining the position the troops will entrench themselves.

5. The C.R.A. 24th Division will arrange for a creeping barrage between the GINCHY – WEDGE WOOD ROAD (T.20.a.1.5. – T.26.a.1.5.) and the objective.

(sd) R.H. JAMES Lt. Colonel,
General Staff, 20th Division
Issued to Signals at 8.30 a.m.

Copies to
1. XIV Corps (G), 13. C.R.E.
2. XIV Corps (Q), 14. 11th Durham L.I.
3. 5th Division. 15. A.D.M.S.
4. 7th Division. 16. 20th Signals.
5. 16th Division. 17. A.P.M.
6. 47th Brigade. 18. A.A. & Q.M.G.
7. 48th Brigade. 19. Adv. “Q”.
8. 59th Brigade. 20. 9th Squadron R.F.C.
9. 60th Brigade. 21/25. Retained.
10. 61st Brigade.
11. C.R.A. 24th Division.
12. C.R.A. 6th Division.

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