Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 17 June 1919

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 17 June 1919

Tynycoral Hotel
Corris R.S.Q.
June 17. 1919

My dear W. Laporte Payne,

I was indeed very interested to see the letter & photo you kindly sent to me, which were forwarded to me here. The letters are very touching knowing all we know. I am so glad & thankful that the lad is doing so well & seems to have such a nice mind. It is the very best thing that could have happened to him to find a home in Canada & to meet with a suitable girl for his wife. It is somewhat singular that he does not allude to his father, but perhaps he hardly remembers him. What a mercy it is that he is delivered from his mother’s influence!

I cannot feel sufficiently grateful to you, dear friend, who have so kindly & wisely helped us in what might have been an awkward situation for our family & probably for the boy. I am copying his letters, as my brothers may like to see them, & shall return them to you with the photo:-
I hope we may meet again sometime.
I was overcome rather & fled to this little fishing town for a week or two for change & rest.

Hoping you are quite well with kindest regards

Yours very sincerely
T.A.E. Williamson.

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