Special Order by, Major General J.A.L. Haldane. C.B. D.S.O. 17 June 1915

Special Order by, Major General J.A.L. Haldane. C.B. D.S.O.
Commanding 3rd Division. June. 17th 1915.
The Major General Commanding cannot adequately express his admiration for the gallant manner in which the attack was carried out yesterday.
The dash and determination of all ranks was beyond praise and that some actually reached the objective in the first rush and remained there under most trying circumstances is a proof of their high superiority over the German Infantry.
That the captured could not all be held is disappointing more especially as the losses incurred were heavy. But these casualties have not been in vain.
The 3rd Division carried out a fine piece of work, and fought splendidly, and their Commander is deeply proud of them.
The bombardment of the Artillery was most effective but unfortunately, a slight mist and the smoke from the shells interfered with observation, and the Infantry flags could not be seen.
This combined with the pace at which the assault was carried out, made it impossible to keep our shells ahead of the advancing Infantry.

Sgd. A.F. Sillem Lieut Colonel.
A.A. and Q.M.G. 3rd Division.

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