Letter to Miss Dillon 13 June 1919

Letter to Miss Dillon 13 June 1919

Intelligence Corps,

My dearest Lillie,
Many thanks for your letter of the 21st May I have already written to Anna and also sent a cable. I think she ought to be awfully happy. Of course you must come to India with me. I hope to be there by Xmas and if you are not allowed to come with me you could follow after in a couple of months. I am sending you a letter by hand today with Captain Bates an awfully nice fellow whom I knew in York a couple of years ago and whom I met here yesterday. He is with the Dardenelles Commission on the Admiralty Yacht “Triade”, I dined with him on his ship on the Bosphorus last night just opposite the Sultan’s Palace and had a glorious evening. It was a perfect Eastern night and we stood on deck for hours drinking in the beautiful night and then I returned in a motor launch to my billet. He is dining with me to-night at the Club. He will call to see you if he has any time in London on his way back to York and I hope you will see a lot of him as he is such a nice fellow. I have had great luck to-day about Roumania and G.H.Q. will send me on if Roumania will send someone here to relieve me. I am tremendously bucked as I might be off in a few days.
I also met Coke Harvey here, a youth whom I asked to come to that dance at Grosvenor Hall and who could not turn up owing to the ‘flu.

Will write more later.
Best love to you & Anna
from Willie

with cover to Miss de C. Dillon, M.T. RASC, No 1 Reserve Depot Grove Park, Lee, London S.E. 12 postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE Y 16 JU 19. Passed by Censor 179 signed W. Dillon Lieut.

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