Letter re 20th Div Memorial 20 March 1927





March 20th 1927

My Dear General,

Thank you for your letter also for cheque 12/6 – you have now paid up everything.


I think you will find General Caliatoy will appear from “November” at exactly 12 o’clock.  That is what the French General did at Guillemont.


I am sending you a proof of the “Form of Service”.   This has been drawn up in consultation with Barry (who is at present correcting the proof, the enclosed being a duplicate.)  I am afraid there will be no time to get any amendments from you so I hope you find it as you would wish.


We are sending “Formal Invitations” to the War Office – I.W.G.C. – Belgian attaché & any others we can think of and I am sending some dozen to the Ypres League representative to distribute to the correct local magnates.


The unveiling is at 12. We return to Ypres and all have a Luncheon together at 1.30.  I have arranged for 20 additional places for guests – The Belgian General and any of the local people who ought to be asked & whom you will ask no doubt on the spot.


I have arranged for 13 waiters that is one for each Regiment or Corps in the Division to be at Ypres and each have cards giving the various Battns of each tied with regimental colours. These will be laid at the memorial after the Service.  I am also taking out a flag to hang over the Tablet which you will remove when you “unveil”.


I will not be travelling with the party but am joining it at Ypres (having been sent off to Spain again at a moments notice).  The History will be posted to your Farnham address.


I think this is all. I am writing rather fully because I won’t be seeing you in England – Story is dealing with any emergencies from now on, his address being

Lt Col P.F. Story

26 Belsize Grove Hampstead N.W. 3.

Telephone Primrose 4676.


I think we should have a good show. 62 with the Party & some 3 or 4 others joining at Ypres.


Yours sincerely

Alan Brace.

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