Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 21 Mar 1915

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 21 Mar 1915


My darling one,


Rather busy – one last walk round our trenches tonight – we go further north soon – to place you will see marked Mont K & we live in a Chateau very comfortable but within shell area, although it has not been touched – yet – Home circumstances changing especially after we have just got our trenches so good – Doubt if we shall find better ones up K way. If I don’t write tomorrow or next day you will know we are changing quarters.  Have written to Godfrey now lot and hope it will find him – Am taking round a Gen & Colonel tonight.  We shall be out from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. I expect.  Moon is up now, so we shall see something.


All my love my darling one,

Your devoted Hubby



With envelope addressed to Mrs J. Dick Cunyngham, Heslington, Croft Road. Crowborough, England.  Signed Dick Cunyngham.  Passed by Censor No 1354 cachet.  Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE 14 21 MR 15.

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