George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Mar 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Mar 1915

9th Middlesex




18 Mar 1915


Dear M & F,


I’ve received your letters of Feb 12 & 19. I received quite a batch of letters with your first one last Saturday.  One from Charlie Soper at Malta, one from the office, one from the landlady at Sittingbourne & one from Cousin William at Holt.  I’ve also received a few papers from Holt.  I don’t remember seeing “Cousin William” unless it was that he came over from Uncle Tom’s some time ago.  I suppose nobody else is likely to write from there; perhaps you had better let me know who’s who in case.


We’ve practically finished our firing now. We expect to go to Darjeeling some time next week, so I am going to Calcutta this afternoon if I can get a pass, as we might not have the chance again for a little time.


Well I suppose we are out here till October now, as there’s no signs of moving, in spite of the rumours.


The 2nd partner at the office has got a commission in the Navy & the Governor’s son has joined the Army so there’s only the Gov, & Mr Walker left.


I’m surprised at the cost of the W.D. League’s uniforms, they must be very swanky things. They only ought to cost half that amount, 20/- at the most, from any army contractor, in large quantities.


Hoping you are all well,

Love to all,



Dear Ma,

Thanks very much for the tales about my naughty sisters. Lets have some more.  I’m surprised at May, I thought she knew better.  She hasn’t got me to look after her.



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