George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915
18 Feb 1915

Dear M & F,

Thanks for your letter of 14 Jan. I’ve acknowledged each one of your letters so perhaps you can tell whether I’ve received them all or not. I know I didn’t receive any for 3 weeks after Christmas but since then I’ve had one each mail either from you or May.

Yes that tale about the bullocks, or rather Buffaloes is quite right. C.S. & I were walking across from one barrack to another. It was a funny thing but just as we got near this heard of buffaloes I said to C.S. “Ump! I don’t like the look of these things.” However we kept on & just as we were passing them one of them ducked down his head & charged at us knocking C.S. over & sending me sprawling. I kept on my legs but neither of us were hurt. They are quite quiet as a rule but both of us have given them a wide berth since.

We’ve been issued out with a hair brush, 2 boot brushes, 1 button brush, clothes brush, a pair of socks, a flannel shirt, a fine sweater & another kit bag. They seem very good things too. The shirt is thinner than what you made but nice & soft & the jersey is a very good one, quite heavy. Perhaps you think it’s not much use out here, but it’s fine to put on after coming back from a route march when you’ve changed your shirt.

There’s a fine church here, much better than the one at Dinapore, better clergyman too, it’s almost like being at home the Sunday Evening service. The vicar has opened an old school-room as a reading room. There’s a good piano there so we have musical evenings. 3 or 4 young ladies sang songs the other night.

I should have thought Mr. C could have taken M. & Edie for 25/-. I asked you in one of my letters what he did about the 10/-, balance of my lessons. I suppose it was in the letter from Aden. I said I expect he kept that as I gave him no notice. I told you not to say anything about it unless he mentioned it.

Glad you are getting a few eggs now. They are cheap here. We get a couple hard-boiled now & again instead of porridge for breakfast & we can buy a couple fried at the supper bar for 6 pice (1 ½ d)

Well I think I’ve done very well this week writing to each of you & saying something different in each.

Hoping you are all well & jogging along alright.
Yr loving son

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