George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915




18 Feb 1915


Dear Edie,


Thanks for your letter dated 14 Jan which I received last Friday, 12th Feb, a day after the mail had gone out.


We are beginning to settle down here now. It seems to get hotter every day, but we are still working hard.


We’ve seen a few snakes since we came here, only small ones though. Another fellow & I killed one a few days ago, it was 20” long& as thick as your finger.


Hope you are getting on with the piano I wish I had the chance of keeping on with it. I expect I shall have forgot nearly all I ever knew by the time I’m able to start again.


I have not written to you before as I don’t suppose it matters who I write to, I suppose each letter goes round the house just the same.


Remember me to Mr. Clark,

Yr loving brother


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