George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 18 Feb 1915

1945 “D” Co

9th Middlesex




18 Feb 1915


Dear May,


Thanks very much for your letter of 21 Jan with the photo enclosed.


Yes. I got the parcel safely as I’ve already written.  The things were in as good condition as when they left you, thanks to the tin box.  It’s the only safe way of sending things out here.  A fellow received a parcel; or rather the remains of one, this week in a cardboard box.  The contents, what was left of them, mince-pies, cake etc, were all smashed & some cigarettes were damaged.


Guard here is about the same as at Dinapore, in fact they say the Magazine post is worse. I have not been on that post myself yet.  There’s a native village just behind it.  There’s generally a row going on there from 8 – 10 p.m.  After that of course the jackals & hyenas insist on giving their “concert” gratis, & there are dozens of fire-flies about, they look like small stars floating about.


My watch dropped off my bed the other day; it’s refused to go since. I’ve been wearing it on my wrist as I can’t wear it on a chain except in my trousers pocket & it takes about a minute to get it out from there, with my tunic & equipment on.  I shall take it to Calcutta when I go but if it’s going to cost much to put right I shall buy a proper wrist watch if I can get one at a reasonable price.


We’ve been digging trenches this week, a very suitable occupation in this climate. It doesn’t suit me, I’ve got a blister on each hand already.  One thing about it if I can’t get a job as clerk when I come back I might stand a chance as “Sanitary Inspector” or a Road digger or something of that sort.


Has the “egg hand” seen you home yet. I wish I was able to come & meet you; you would be able to say then that your brother was waiting for you.


Yr loving brother


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