Letter to Miss Dillon 17 February 1919


Letter to Miss Dillon 17 February 1919








17th February 1919


All further communications on this


subject should be addressed to – the Secretary


War Office


London S.W. 1


and the following number quoted.






            I desire to place on record my appreciation of the splendid services rendered by all officials and members of the Women’s Legion Motor Drivers during the War.


It is now nearly four years since your President, the Marchioness of Londonderry, first proposed that the services of women should be utilised in connection with the transport services.  The numbers have steadily increased, and to-day you form an important and for the present an indispensable part of the Military organization at Home.  There have been times when it would have been almost impossible to carry on without your valued and ungrudging service.  Knowing, as I do, what this has meant to the Army particularly and to the nation generally, it is a great pleasure to me to be the one to express your country’s appreciation.


I would take this opportunity of saying that in the state of transition from War to Peace conditions your help is still urgently needed, and I appeal confidently for a continuance of your loyal service, trusting that only very urgent grounds will induce you to ask for your release at present.


J.S. Cowans




Quartermaster-General to the Forces


To all Officials and Members


of the Women’s Legion Motor Drivers




GD1929    5000    2/19  HWV(P)  H3024



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