Letter of condolence 31 January 1915

Major Hyslop


I am sorry to have to tell you that your son was killed this morning in the trenches, he was orderly officer and was going his rounds of the sentries, a sentry reported to him that a party of the enemy were in sight behind their lines working at some fortifications, your son ordered rifle grenades to be fired at them and was looking over the parapet to observe the effect of the grenades when he was hit in the head and killed instantaneously. I can’t tell you how sorry I am to have lost him, he was a most promising young officer and brave almost to recklessness and though he has only been with us a short time was liked and esteemed by all his comrades.  His effects will be sent to England as soon as possible.


Deeply sympathising with you.


P.S. He will be buried this afternoon at a Farm known as Ration Farm about two miles from Armentieres near Bois Grenier which we have made into a cemetery and have a number of men buried there.


No Major Hyslop shown in the Feb 1915 Army List with H.A.C.

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