Letter to Mr. Dowsett 31 January 1915

Letter to Mr. Dowsett 31 January 1915


COPY.                                                                                                                     31 Jan. 1915.


My dear Mr Dowsett,


I am indeed grieved to have to tell you the saddest news you could have.  Your brave boy was shot yesterday and passed away without regaining consciousness.  I know what a terrible blow this must be to you and Mrs Dowsett and that even the knowledge that he has proved himself a man of whom we are all proud is small consolation to your sorrow.  He was always so keen, always plucky and cheerful, always to be counted upon and the conditions out here have tested all the qualities to the full and in none was he found wanting.  His Regiment has lost a fine soldier and our Company a man we can ill spare.


I need not tell you what a sorrow this is to me personally, or how deeply I feel for you in yours. No one knew him better than I did or can more truly appreciate his true worth.


He was in the Fire Trench and was shot in the head while pluckily trying to locate a sniper who was firing on the trench, and I know it will be some consolation to know that while everything possible was done he can have suffered no pain or even consciousness. His section brought him down from the trench in the evening and he was buried last night in a grave dug by four old members of his section and myself in a little cemetery we have made here in Kemmel where the other brave men lie.  The service was read by our Colonel in the presence of most of the Company and every man and officer as he departed saluted our comrade and perhaps many of us wished that when our time comes it will be with as clean a record and in as fair a fight.  We have put up a small cross inscribed, Sgt T.W. Dowsett, No 2 Company, H.A.C. Killed in action Jan 30. 1915.


I will see that a more permanent cross is made and that the grave is cared for and will send you a photo or sketch of the spot. Would I could do more for a one I have known so long and admired so much.  We are collecting his personal things and will send them to you and our captain is writing to his mother.  If there is anything more I can tell you or do you can count on my doing so.  At least he was ready when his country needed him and he died the finest death a man could die.  I know we all feel with you and mourn our loss today


With my deepest sympathy,

Yours sincerely

(sgd) H.P.G. MAULE


Not shown in Army List Feb 1915 but in a later List is shown as 2/Lt from 21 Feb 1915.


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