F. Hammond letter 21 January 1919

F. Hammond letter 21 January 1919



Ohligs Rhineld

Dear F & M

Just a line to let you know I am gogging along nicely.  I was very pleased to hear you fared so well at Xmas. Glad to say I received the parcel safely it was Tres Bien.  I am just in the middle of Binble.  Went to hear our Divl Concert party last night they were very good.  The only draw back here is this blooming Jerry language.  It gets me down and makes my headache.  However I can say good morning & evening now so if I stay here a few more years I shall be able to take over a Jerry’s job off him.  There are two picture palaces here but they are nothing great.  Sunday is great day here.  All the café’s are filled with people and the orchestras are playing in most of them.  The only thing is the beer is all substitute but palatable & the Rhine wine is rather expensive.  Still it is very fine and lively on Sundays.  There is also dancing in places.  I have not been in Cologne yet but can get a pass anytime.  They have a fine Opera House & hold all kinds of Operatic Concerts.  There is also a fine train ride down the Rhine to Bonn the University Town but I’ve got to do it yet.  We has a few phizogs taken a few days ago.  So I will enclose one.  Hoping you will be able to pick me out.  Well Cheerhio.  Hoping you are all keeping well & Jack is feeling himself again.  Fred

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