Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 22 January 1919

Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 22 January 1919


S.O. 9th Div of Drifters

D “Northesk” II

Cape Helles.

Jan 22 1919

Staff Paymr (V)

H.M.S. “Europa”


In accordance with signal received from S.N.O. (H) I have collected chits for victuals and clothing for month of February, from vessels in my Division & send same herewith.


Provision Chits are enclosed for the following vessels.

Northesk II No. 2022.

Prime No. 2289.

Ten No. 1052.

Hopeful No 2386.

Comeley No. 2387.

Victoria II No. 766.


I have not included Chits for “Northern Scot” No. 2425 or “Ebenezer” No. 2294, as I understand these two vessels are on the books of “Caesar”.


Slop Chits (Clothing, Soap & Tobacco) are also enclosed for crews of the same 6 vessels.


Those for “Northesk” & “Comely” I have made out on the proper form but had no more forms left for the other four vessels or would have done them all.


Very few men were able to obtain boots last month, so hope they can be now had as their boots are very old & many are complaining of colds through wet feet.


If any convenience to you I will arrange to come to Mudros to collect both food & clothing at the end of the month or beginning of Feb. as I did in Dec.


A signal sent to Capt. (K) asking for Drifter to be sent to collect food & clothing for 9th Div of Drifters will no doubt be sent on to me.


R.H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

S.O. of Div.

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