Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 21 January 1919

Report of Drifters off Cape Helles 21 January 1919


S.O. 9th Div of Drifters

D “Northesk” II

Cape Helles.

Jan 21/19

S.N.O. (H)

H.M.S. “Pelorus”




It is suggested that under the new escorting arrangements whereby more escorting vessels are available; it may now be possible for each vessel in turn to proceed to Chanak for a spell of 48 hours; the first day to be devoted to completing with coal & water & the remainder of the time to attending to small engine defects and also to enable the crews to go ashore for liberty.


Defects in the Drifters under my command are rapidly becoming more numerous owing to the fact that they have been without an opportunity to do these defects since Sept 4th & have been working continuously since Oct 25th with the exception of “Ten” & “Victoria II” who have been to Mudros for boiler cleaning & defects.


It is further suggested that arrangements may be made for the following vessels to Boiler clean at the earliest possible moment observing that the rule is that all Drifters should boiler clean every 6 weeks.


The dates given here indicate when last blown down & the weeks overdue.


91 “Northesk II” last boiler cleaning Oct 25 overdue 7 weeks.

93 “Prime”                  “           “          Sept 24      “     11     “

95 “Hopeful”              “          “          Oct 25       “       7     “

97 “Ebenezer”             “          “           Oct 25       “       7     “


The last named vessel (under the N.T.O.) is most serious of all as she has no fresh water boiler tank & has run completely on salt water since Oct 25.



R.H. Palmer.

Lieut. R.N.V.R.

S.O. of Div.

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