Alf Smith’s letter home 12 September 1918

With cover addressed to Mr. T Smith, 100. Arcadian Gardens, Wood Green, London North.  Postmark unreadable.  German censor stamp 47.  OPENED BY CENSORP.W. 969. stamp. London postmark Sep 12. 18


Englischen Kriegsgefangenen

Private Alfred A. Smith

53rd Machine Gun Coy:

Nummer 27521

Stammlager Friedrichsfeld


April 23rd 18


My Dear Father,

At last I am able to write you a letter & you may guess it is a great pleasure as I know you must be worrying about me but glad to say I am quite safe & well as you see by the address a prisoner of war was captured an March 21st your moving day I thought about you.  This is the first time we have been allowed to write & you can just imagine we are all very busy to-night we are allowed to write two letters a month so I must get you to let Albert & Ciss know I am quite safe.

Well Dad I hope you are in the best of health write at once & let me know I also want a parcel but I will speak about that in a few minutes. How do you like your new house I suppose you are nearly straight now I hope Jess, Ethel & Winnie are well & all getting along merry & bright.

I should not advise you to try & speak German or I am thinking you might dislocate your jaw. We go out to work each day up in the woods but do nothing on Sundays we are being treated very well but of course there is no chance of coming home now until after the war which I hope will be long one great thing we are out of all danger from shells &c we have finished with fighting.

Well now I will start on the parcel as I am just longing for some goodies as there is no chance to buy much now. I will start on the list:- Cake, Biscuits, Chocolate, Quaker Oats, Tin Golden syrup, Cigarettes & Soap I don’t know whether you will be able to send all these things but whatever it is will be very welcome.  I expect you will find out at the Post Office what you can put in & how to send it or else through the Prisoner of War Fund.  It is rather a cheek on my part to suggest it but I was thinking if Albert or Ciss was going to send anything you might be able to arrange it so that I get about one each week I hope they will not mind my mentioning this but it would be best to have them come at equal times as near as possible.  A magasine [magazine] or some thing to read would be very useful but no newspapers.

Cannot think of any more news to tell you this time I shall be anxiously waiting to hear from you. I hope Albert, & Affie, & Joyce are quite well also Ciss, Charlie, & Peter give them all my very best love & kisses for Joy have you seen them lately I want to hear all the news tell them I will write the first opportunity.  So Cheerio & keep the home fires burning as I think we shall all be home in a few months & we will have a good time then.

With much love to you all.

From your

Devoted Son


P.S. There are several of my friends here captured at the same time so I am not amongst strangers.

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