Pass for Miss Dillon 13 September 1918

Has permission to travel by boat & train


If a General Mobilisation is ordered every soldier on pass must return immediately to his unit without waiting for instructions


No.           Transport & Workshop Coy

Regiment. M.T. ASC


PASS                  Women’s Legion

No.     –   (Rank)………….. (Name)… Miss L. Dillon

Has permission to be absent from his quarters, from after duty Tuesday Sep 17th 1918           to 9 AM Friday Sept 27th 1918 for the purpose of proceeding to Dalkeny Co Dublin.


(Station) Grove Park

(Date) 13-9-18

J.B. Lidstone

2nd Lieut A/Adjt

for OC Transport & Workshop Coy

No 1 Res M.T. Depot, GrovePark

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