9th Canadian Artillery Brigade 45 Bty Report 10 September 1918

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade

Sept 10th 1918





On the morning of August 27th I was ordered to take the Left Section of the 45th Battery forwards to H.36.a.10.75. which I did, and took up a position in support of the 58th Battalion.  I established communication by telephone with the Battalion Headquarters, visited them frequently throughout the day, and remained with them during the night of August 27th, and the morning of the 28th, while Lieut H.B. Devine remained with the Section.


We fired 628 rounds on various targets, including BOIRY NOTRE DAME, JIGSAW WOOD, ARTILLERY LANE AND HATCHET WOOD and PELVES. Enemy concentrations, reported at HANDLAIN ROAD, were engaged by our guns.


There were 2 – 77 cm. guns in a position at H.26.a.30.90 with parts missing from both.  But after some difficulty we succeeded in getting parts enough to put one of these into action and on the night of August 27th/28th fired 125 rounds from this gun on HAMBLAIN, RIACHE ST. VAST and ETERPIGNY.  On August 28th and night of Aug 28th/29th 150 rounds were fired on VITRY-EN-ARTIOS, the low ground and roads round HAMBLAIN and SAILLY-EN-STREVENT and ETERIGNY.  On August 29th and the night of Aug 29th/30th 350 rounds were fired on VITRY-EN-ARTOY SAILLY and roads west of ETAING.  Of the total 625 rounds fired from this gun, about 30% was gas, (Blue, Green and Yellow Cross) the remainder being about evenly divided between shrapnel and instantaneous H.E.  This exhausted nearly all the ammunition at the position and the crew was called in on August 30th.


The gun worked exceedingly well, being easy to lay and handle, and running up well at all ranges. It was very steady and the gunners found it was not necessary to relay after every shot but that three or four could be fired without any appreciable error.  Only the first two shots were observed, the remainder being fired entirely from map.


(sgd) L.B. KINGSTON, Lieut

45th Battery C.F.A.

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