9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Second Report 10 September 1918

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade

Sept 10th 1918




I had my line established to 8th C.I.B. from Battalion Battle H.Q. and patrolled throughout the night until Zero Hour, which was at 3.AM.


Up to Zero plus 100 there was very little to report from H.Q. The enemy searched our Forward area with 15 cm Hows. using H.E. and Mustard Gas.  There appeared to be very little retaliation on the part of the enemy in response to our bombardment.  At plus 100 we started forward with battalion H.Q. in the direction of ORANGE HILL.  By this time the enemy had increased his harassing fire considerably, using mostly 15 cm Hows. and spreading his fire over the area we were we were traversing.  He did not appear, however, to be inflicting many casualties.


On arrival at ORANGE HILL we found that had already passed over it, and we were unable to discover their whereabouts until we had climbed the top of the next hill and could observe MONCHY from Orange Avenue H.36.d.30.20. Here we encountered much machine gun fire from the right flank and also heavy shell fire from across the river.  At this point I got into lamp communication with the Artillery Report Centre, who passed my messages on to 9th Brigade C.F.A. and Group.  I reported that we had taken the Red Dotted Line and that our troops could be observed in MONCHY, in the southern part of the town.  This was at 7.20 A.M.


As we could not discover our front line we continued down Orange Avenue and Curb Switch to I.31.c.Central.  The trenches here were in very bad condition and were being heavily engaged by shell and machine gun fire.  We established Battalion H.Q. at above location, where information reached us from some of the Company officers that we were holding a line 200 yards East of MONCHY and also SCABBARD TRENCH.   ”C” Company who were holding the line E. of MONCHY were being heavily shelled by trench mortars and were suffering severe casualties.  They asked for immediate infantry support and I suggested an artillery bombardment on KEETING WOOD and I.32.d.85.23. where the machine gun fire was coming from and it was suspected that the trench mortars were also here.  At the same time the enemy started a local counter attack on the left.  I immediately went back to the top of the hill and sent back this information, asking for artillery fire with heavies on the woods above mentioned, and to hasten the 7th C.I.B.  The counter attack was beaten off with the aid of the 7th C.I.B.


At 10.40 a.m. the P.P.C.L.I. passed through us and continued the advance. I returned to my lamp station where we encountered intense fire from enemy artillery and machine guns from HATCHET WOODS.  8 sent this information back at 12 noon.

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