Letter from F. Smith 7 September 1917

Letter from F. Smith 7 September 1917


Sept 7th 17


My Dear Father


Thank you for the Pictorial received yesterday, about two days earlier this week.

I saw in one of the papers that you have had some sports &c in the village of Wood Green.  Did you see anything of General French I was wondering if you invited him to tea as he might have given you a tip when the war was going to finish.

What sort of weather are you getting in Blighty it is very nice here now.  We went for our summer holidays to the seaside on Monday, about 20 from each company 100 altogether we left about 8.30 A.M. in motor lorries & arrived about 12 o’clock.  It was a very quiet spot but still it was nice to get a day’s holiday & have a look at the sea & boats the first since I left England; the only part was it made one long to be over the other side.  We had free beer & tea & there was a canteen there left about 6.30 P.M. had a very good time the ride was very enjoyable.

How did you enjoy yourself at Southend?  I had a parcel from Albert this week & a letter from Ciss to-day.  I see by the papers you have been having several air raids lately.

I suppose you still go to the West End occasionally how is everything looking up there?

Cannot think of any more news to tell you this time.

Hoping you are still as merry as ever & in the best of health.

Glad to say I am A1.

Please remember me to all whom I know including Miss Dimond & Darvills.

I shall be glad to hear from you soon.

With much love to you all

From your devoted



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