A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 9 September 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 9 September 1917



September 9th 1917


My dearest love,


Thank you so much for your letter, which cheered me up tremendously. Tomorrow being Monday Mother & Father go to Worthing and I propose travelling to town by the 9.40 a.m. arriving at Victoria at 11.10 – if I don’t miss it.


When I arrive I will phone to you and ask what you propose doing

  1. tomorrow night – place for dinner – theatre etc.
  2. Tuesday – what seaside resort shall have the honour of your presence and who can – or rather who will be so unselfish as to put themselves out for me and my mad schemes. I leave all to you.


I think I am a bit better and I hope by now I am more presentable than I was and that you will not mind being seen with me.


We have had a quite easy time here and though the weather has not been all that it might have been, it has not been at all bad.


How are you dear? Quite alright I hope.  I shall have to talk seriously to you when I see you about something – it requires a little explanation – all my fault I know – but then I am like that – guess what it is.


Give my love to Mrs Cross.


With all my best love dearest & kisses

Ever your


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