F. Smith letter 16 September 1917

Sept 16th 17


My Dear Father


Just a few lines to thank you very much for your nice parcel, & letter received to-day.

I was getting anxious to hear from you as it seemed sometime since I got a letter & the Pictorial did not arrive this week; but I am glad you are all merry & bright & in the best of health.

The cake was a very nice one also the biscuits, & chocolate.  I am glad you sent strawberry jam it is a change from what we get issued & paste is always very nice the fags came just in time as I had run out for the time being.

I wanted to write to you to-night as we have got a blooming route march on to-morrow & I might not get a chance before the letters go in I will add a bit more if I get time.

Please thank Lily Warman for her nice letter glad they are all well.

Pleased to say I am A1 have had some good times lately in a quiet way of course.

Well au revoir am just going to clean my pop gun up & turn in to kip; shall have to be up early in the morning; one thing we get an extra hour as the clocks are altered to-morrow so good night.


Your devoted



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