Letter from F. Hammond 7 September 1917

Letter from F. Hammond 7 September 1917




Dear F & M

Just a line to let you know I am jogging along nice and quietly.  The weather has been much more settled lately but last night we had the usual thunderstorm.  We have been having sports in the village and football is in full swing.  The cinema show is also going strong.  I went the other night it was really good.  Our concert party are giving a show tonight so you will see we are having a rather lively time just now.  Otherwise there is nothing to relate.  The war seems to be jogging on as usual.  It looks very much like another year’s campaign before it will be over so may get another Leave before it finishes with a bit of luck.  Did you have a good time on your Holidays.  How’s Par’s allotment going on.  I suppose he will soon be preparing it for next year.  How’s the Lawn looking now.  Does the implement of torture do its work OK.

Suppose Gladys will have settled down again to her studies.  I suppose she’s been having a good time.  How’s Jack going on I shall have to drop him a line as I owe him a letter.  Still I might be able to see him before very long.  Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping you are all OK

Cheerho Gus

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