FW Springett letter 25 July 1917

6649 Pte F.W. Springett

D Company 1st Platoon

22nd Training Reserve

New Hall Farm Camp

Upper Dovercourt




My Dear Brother Sid,

I received your kind letter and 10/- note this morning thanks very much.

We are out on the range now.  Firing our last course, and its about five miles from our other camp.  Of course we are camping up here for the week and I shall soon be home now.

It is very lovely right out in the country heavy ink staining enough to keep away from the German Aeroplanes.

It was a nice little raid here on Sunday.  I was just going to have my breakfast when the guns started banging, and I saw about ten of them.  They did fire at them for about 15 minutes, the noise was awful, some of the shrapnel from the guns fell in our camp but no bombs.

It was very funny, because we moved up here on Saturday afternoon, and they dropped some bombs right on the other camp but did not kill anyone.

I must not say too much about it as our letters are liable to be opened. Heavy ink staining quite understand I am like you about the paper.  I have just borrowed a piece, as there is no YMCA up here.

Still we can always get plenty when there’s one about.  I do.  I had another letter from Ted the other day.  I was surprised.  Glad you are still getting on alright and take my tip keep alright, and where you are.

Well Dear Sid, I must now close as it is post time, there is only one post here a day. Still write to the same address they will find me alright then.

It is 19 weeks since I joined up, don’t the time fly.

Well, Dear Sid, I thank you very much for what you do for me, perhaps I shall be able to repay you some day.

At least I hope so. Ha Ha.

I will now close.

With Best Love

From Your

Affec Brother

Frank W.

You will excuse writing won’t you? Write soon.

Hope you are still A1 I am O.K.


With cover to MR. S.K. Springett, 29, Bath Road, Dartford, Kent

Postmarked HARWICH 5 PM 25 JY 17.

Envelope and cover heavily ink stained.


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