A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 26 July 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 26 July 1917



July 26th 1917


My dearest,


You will be leaving ‘The Farm’, I suppose, in a day or two so this will be my last letter to you there. How quickly the time does go!  I hope you will have a good holiday with Mr & Mrs Cross.  You deserve a long rest now and will probably be glad to be rid of farm life for a bit.


I am still at the Wagon Lines but I can’t keep away from the guns and I go up generally every day, mostly at night. Last night I did not get back until 2, a.m. as we had a lot of ammunition to cart.  I had dinner at Headquarters.  The Doctor has gone home to England ill, lucky fellow!  These doctors know how to do it don’t they?


I am probably going up to the gun line again for a bit and the Major is coming down here, so I shall have plenty to do.


The weather has not been so good the last two days and fairly windy. I hate the wind when living in tents; everything blows about so horribly.


A box of Con Amore Cigarettes arrived yesterday. You are the guilty one I expect or Mrs Cross at your instigation – so I am sending my very best thanks to you, dearest.  They are excellent, and I am smoking one now and enjoying it thoroughly so far as the wind will allow me.


My horses are looking very well. They were inspected by the D.D.V.S. the other day (in other words the Deputy Director of Veterinary Services) and he was very pleased with them.  The harness is not yet what I want it to be but then I suppose I am very particular.  I am much too fond of looking inside buckles for the men.


How are you keeping? Quite alright I hope, and all your people.  Give my love to Maude and thank her for her letter (I think I did this before though)

I must get away now as there is some more ammunition coming in.

With all my love & kisses

Ever your


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