A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 24 July 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 24 July 1917



July 24th 1917




You have, I hope, by this time received one or two letters from me. I expect you got very angry with me for being so long.  Thank you so much for yours of the 20th and the photos which have just arrived.


Were you successful in getting your wages paid? I am indeed very sorry that you have got so low that you are contemplating a pawnshop.  I hope the financial situation is better now.


So you would like to be on the same sort of holiday as the Revd & Mrs.  Don’t you think I should too, dearest?  It is difficult to imagine having such a good time under these circumstances.  I wonder whether you would find the anticipation better than the realisation, or vice versa.  I know which I think the best and it is not the first in this case.  Such things would probably make me silly though and then think how awful it would be to have a lunatic companion.


I wonder how Reg likes married life. I hope he won’t repent at leisure.  He certainly married in haste.


We are still having a strenuous time. The Boche keeps us very busy.  Leave seems as far off as ever alas!


I have actually had a bathe afternoon, and after buying some eggs and fish for the gun line fellows I am now going up the line with the ammunition.


It has been cloudy to-day but fine and warm. I suppose you are having it the same.


I have had to have one of my horses shot to-day, alas! It got a rope gall which got poisoned and then grew so bad that the hoof was nearly off – so it had to be shot.


The teams are just turning out. I hate this night work up the line with horses – you never know when the Boche are going to turn their guns onto the road and with horses it the dark it is horrible.


I hope you are keeping well, dearest

With all my love & kisses

Ever your


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