F. Hammond letter 24 July 1917

24 July 1917


Dear F & M

Glad to receive your letter and know you are all merry and bright.  I am just jogging along quietly taking an occasional walk thro the woods round about.  The fields also are at their best the natives round here work long hours in the fields from sunrise to sunset.  Could just do with a meal off Par’s vegs.  I’ve forgotten what garden peas are like.  Still I hope to enjoy them next summer with a bit of luck.  I see the Huns tried to get to London again.

I suppose Dolly is married by now.  Yes I recd George’s letter OK some time ago and sent him a picture pc in reply.  I have also sent him a few ordinary “I am quite well things”.  So Gladys is going to pay Hilda a visit.  I hope she has a good time.  You might remember me to her.  So Par has been at his games again.  I suppose he will be a mechanic before the war’s over.  I would like to see the lawn mower in its shed I should think it would look like an aeroplane in its hangar.  I suppose my dawg has got quite grown up but don’t think he likes to argue the point with other dogs.  The Russians seem a queer lot but should think Kerensky ought to pull things together.

Well I think this is all this time old dears.

Yours Gussie de Grabit

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