F . Smith letter 24 July 1917

July 24th 17


Dear Father


Just a few lines to thank you very much for your parcel received yesterday; also for Jessie’s welcome letter.  The contents as usual are very nice I know I shall enjoy them all; the cake is or rather was very good as it is all gone now.

Well there is not very much in the way of news to tell you, but I will do my best.  Please tell Ethel Wrigley’s is just what I want it is grand stuff when one is on the march we can get it out here but I never think to buy any until I want it then of course it is too late.  I will write to young Winnie the first opportunity have been going to do so for sometime.

I bet Jack is glad to get home again, & that he is keeping well.  He is having a long stay but of course not too long I bet the time goes too soon.  They make a great fuss about taking names for leave in this mob, in the end they only send one or two for about ten days.  I have not been out long enough although time is getting on five months I might stand a chance in another four, but I hope to be home before that.

Where do you all think of going for your summer holidays?  I should like to come with you but Mr. King said he cannot spare me at present I hope you will have a good time.

I received the 10/- note safely it was very welcome I answered it at once so no doubt you have got the letter by now but in case not I thank you very much.

I am at present engaged as officers servant have been on the job just over a week now. It has several advantages as we escape the majority of parades we only turn out on special days but it is a good rush then.  He has been in England for sometime but was with the Battalion before everybody says he looks after his servants well but I cannot say at present as I have had to buy several things for him that is where your 10/- came in handy but I know I can have it when I am in want of it.

There was a parcel waiting for me when we came to this place from Southend which was July 4th nearly three weeks now have not heard anything since have you had any news I hope they are well.

I had a nice parcel from Ciss last week. The air raid was very close to them I hope you have not had any more visits lately.

The weather is very nice at present I expect good old Blighty looks a treat now.

How is Mr. & Mrs. Darvill & family I hope they are all well & all others whom I know.

Well I think I must stop now.  Glad you are all in the best of health pleased to say I am A1.


With much love from

Your devoted



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