F Hammond letter 14 July 1917



Dear Brethren

I suppose you are wondering what has become of me lately.  Well I have been on a course of wireless lately away from the company but am back again now.  Only just received Gladys letter this morning telling me of her success.  I must congratulate the little puss on her splendid performance and trust she will be as successful in her future Exams.  So Elsie D has attained her ambitions in the Scholastic world I suppose.  The next thing I suppose will be her engagement.  Do you know whether such a thing is in progress.  Suppose Bowly Bill is full of love now a days.  I hope he did not persist in sing some of the love dirges to Geo & I used to pull his leg over.  See what was the favourite Cucoo Sucoo Singly merrily if he did Geo & I will make it warm for him one of these days.  Re Dolly H Yes I think that should be very nice.  So Uncle Will will have one off his shoulders.  Suppose it wouldn’t be convenient for any of you to be at the wedding.  I am writing this under the trees in the grounds of a lovely chateau.  One can ramble all about the woods round about here keeping out of the strong sun.  As the weather is very warm with occasional thunderstorms.


I went to a cinema show the other night and enjoyed a good laugh. I suppose the allotment is at its best now.  We are getting new potatoes now which is quite a luxury after the scarcity.  The King was knocking about a few days ago but I did not see him myself.  I haven’t written to Geo lately but must drop him a line soon.  Shouldn’t be surprised if he’s basking at the sea side.  The Huns seem to have put the wind up the Londoners lately altho a lot can be remedied I don’t see how it can altogether be avoided ce La Guerre.  Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping you are all OK.  Remember me to all enquiring friends.  Could just do with a game at bowls on the Jolly Sailor with Par.  Cheerho


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