170th Infantry Brigade Operation Order 14 July 1917


O.C. C A & Lt Hein on the 2 copies



Date 14:7:17



Reference Brigade Operational Order No. 47.

(1). Zero hour will be at 12.15 p.a.m. 14/15 July.


(2). Raid Headquarters will be at N.5.d.50.80.


(3). (a) The O.C. 4/5th L.N.L. Regt will detail one platoon to be at the disposal of O.C. Raid.  This platoon will be accommodated in our front line trench in close proximity to Raid Headquarters, and will hold itself in readiness to support any raiding party which may require assistance.  The platoon will be under the direct orders of the O.C. Raid.

(b) The O.C. 2/5th K.O.R.L. Regt. will detail one platoon to replace the above mentioned platoon of the 4/5th L.N.L. Regt.  This platoon will leave billets in FLEURBAIX at 5 p.m. and will report as required by the O.C. 4/5th L.N.L. Regt.  Details to be arranged by the Os. C. Battalions concerned.


(4). (a) Reference para. 3 (h) of Appendix I (b) and para. 3 of Appendix III.

If batteries and trench mortars are not called upon during the operation, a   destructive shoot will be carried out on objectives as for raid from 3.45           a.m. to 4.15 a.m.

Rate of fire as for raid.

M.T.M.Bs will open fire on hearing guns commence and will fire as                        many rounds as possible during the time.  L.T.M.Bs. will fire 30 rds.                         per gun.

Machine Guns will co-operate.

(b) Reference para. 10 (e) the S.O.S. will be inoperative opposite the Sectors      mentioned between 11.30 p.m. and 2.30 a.m. 14/15th July.


(5). The O.C. Raid will be connected by telephone through Bn H.Q. to Trench       Mortars on either flank.

Station Calls are as follows:-

Right Flank….. H.T.17 – N.10.b.60.85.

Left Flank…….H.P.24 – N.6.b.3.6.

The O.C. L.T.M.B. will detail an Offr. and the M.T.M.B.    concerned an N.C.O. for duty at each Station to await messages from the O.C.           Raid from Zero – 45 onwards.  These Offrs. and N.C.Os. will be found from             the personnel manning the guns.


(6). Please acknowledge.

P.L. Hausey


Brigade Major.

170th Infantry Brigade.

To:- All recipients of Bde O.O. no. 47

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