Machine Gun Programme 12 July 1917







  1. Eight guns will co-operate.
  2. Map reference and targets as follows:-


Gun.                Map Reference.                                   Target.

  1. N.3.a.60.56                 DOLLS HOUSE, N.11.c.30.30.

C1.                  N.3.a.83.57.               CHATEAU RICHE  N.11.d.50.75.

  1. H.35.a.95.11.              Road to be traversed from N.11.b.82.02.                                                             to N.12.a.14.20.
  2. H.35.b.95.11.              Road to be traversed from N.12.a.14.20.                                                             to N.12.a.46.35.
  3. H.35.b.18.22.              Road to be traversed from N.12.a.46.35.                                                             to N.12.a.70.48.
  4. H.34.b.25.38.              Will traverse between N.6.d.70.80. to                                                                  N.6.d.76.99.
  5. H.35.b.41.36.              Road at N.12.b.43.05.
  6. N.6.b.32.56.                To fire on enemy’s parapet on left of                                                                               Raid (Bearing 197 T).


  1. (a) With the exception of No 6 gun all the above mentioned guns will give short bursts of fire during the evening of Zero day before Zero hour, and will continue to do this after Zero hour in order to cover the advance of the raiding party.

(b) They will not fire enough to become unduly conspicuous.

(c) Indirect fire will be carried out on these targets for 3 days previous to Zero       day.


  1. No. 6 gun will fire short bursts on the enemy parapet from Zero hour onwards; this gun will not be required before Zero day.


  1. All guns will open a rapid rate of fire the first 5 mins. if and when our artillery open fire. Otherwise covering fire only will be required during the period of the Raid.


  1. Covering fire will continue until the Infantry Operation is concluded.


P.H. Hausey


Brigade Major,

170th Infantry Brigade



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