Letter of recommendation 12 April 1917

Letter of recommendation 12 April 1917



4th C.M.R. Battalion.



Dear Colonel Carscallen,


I have great pleasure in calling to your attention the gallant work done by Lieut. Heney of your Group, in carrying forward a line to the Crest of the Hill.  This Officer established an O.P. on the Crest of the Hill, shortly after we reached our objective, and was in touch with the Liaison Officer, Lieut. Webster at my Battalion Headquarters.

I was able to speak to Lieut. Heney myself, and obtained from him confirmation that we were established on the Crest, also much valuable information as to the movement of the enemy.


I also want to thank you for the courtesy and valuable work done by Lieut Webster as Liaison Officer.  He was most untiring in his efforts to assist us.


Lieut. Haskell, Lieut. Weldon, who were up in front and Lieut. Jamieson who volunteered to stay with me as Liaison Officer on the night of 9/10th Lieut. Manning who helped to arrange shoot, morning of 11th: Lieut. Anderson who directed the 4.5s during the shoot; all did their work in a praiseworthy manner.


I also want to thank you for the good work done by the batteries under your command, all through the action and subsequently when we asked for retaliation, and especially for the great assistance you rendered on the morning of the 11th, when you drove the enemy out of the new trench on slope of Hill, so saving us the necessity of sending men over the top, which would undoubtedly have resulted in severe casualties.


My officers join with me in thanking you.  The work of the artillery throughout, leaving nothing to be desired.


Sgd/ W. Gordon, Lieut. Col.

O.C. 4th C.M.R. Battalion.

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