9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order 62 12 April 1917.

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order 62 12 April 1917.


SECRET                                                                                 COPY NO.

Ref Map VIMY 1:10,000




Operation Order No 62


Lieut. Col. H.G. Carscallen Comdg



INFORMATION       1.  The enemy are holding the line FLIT and FLICKER FLOWER-PETIT VIMY thence along FILLIP, and eastern sides of BOIS DE LA FOLIE.

The Left flank post of the 2nd Canadian Division on our right is at S.30.b.6.0.

The right of the 3rd Canadian Division is at S.30 central.


In accordance with orders from the 3rd Canadian Division the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade will attack and consolidate the line FLICKER, FLUNG, FLOWER, PETIT VIMY, FILLIP and trenches along Eastern side of BOIS DE LA FOLIE in S.23.d.c. and a.


BARRAGES.             2.  CASCALLEN’S GROUP will assist in accordance with Barrage Table attached.

During the night 12th/13th April, each 18-pdr. Battery taking part in the rolling barrage, will fire one round every 30 minutes on its first barrage line in order to give the Infantry who will be creeping forward before zero towards their objective, an idea as to the line of the opening barrage.


ZERO.                        3.  Zero hour, which will probably be about dawn on the 13th instant, will be notified later.

Watches will be synchronised with this Headquarters at midnight 12th/13th April.


REPORTS                  4.  Reports will be made to Group Headquarters.

H.G. Carscallen

Lieut. Col


Issued at         p.m.


Copy No 2 to O.C. 32nd Battery

3 to O.C. 33rd Battery

4 to O.C. 45th Battery

5 to O.C. 36th Battery

6 to O.C. 43rd Battery

6,7,8   WAR DIARY

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