9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order 63 15 April 1917

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order 63 15 April 1917


SECRET                                                                                 COPY NO.

REF: Map VIMY 1/10,000

ROUVROY 1/10,000



Operation Order No 63


Lieut. Col. H.G. Carscallen Comdg



INFORMATION       1.  The enemy is holding the OPPY-MERICOURT-VENDIN line and ARLEUX LOOP.

The 3rd Canadian Division with the 9th C.I.B. in the line and the 7th and 8th C.I.B. in reserve are consolidating a line running from T.15.b.3.8. – T.8. central – T.1.b.0.0.

The 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade are at present disposed as follows:-.

1 Battalion in above line.

1 Battalion on line VIMY Station (Exclusive).

T.13.d.central – S.18.central (LA CHAUDIERE)

1 Battalion on VIMY RIDGE.

1 Battalion in old British front line.


The 3rd Canadian Divisional boundaries areas under:-


T.30.Central, VIMY Station (exclusive)

T.15 central –T.4.d.central – MERICOURT (exclusive)



BOIS DE CHAMP POURRI – T.18 central thence along LENS-ARRAS Road (inclusive) to S.12.d.6.4. thence along track (inclusive) running through T.1.b.0.0. to AVION inclusive.


ARTILLERY             2. The 63rd D.A. been withdrawn from the 3rd Canadian Division.

The 93rd and 242nd Army F.A. Brigades have been attached and will now come under the orders of 3rd C.D.A.




  1. Batteries of CARSCALLEN’S GROUP will move forward as soon as possible to positions in the vicinity of VIMY Station – LE CHAUDIERE to support further advance of the Infantry.

The 45th Battery will move forward tonight, 15/16th inst.



  1. RIGHT: T.19.central – T.14.central – N.34.d.0.0.

LEFT: S.24.d.7.9. – T.8.central – T.3.b.4.0.


This zone is divided as follows:-

Right Third to 32nd Battery

Centre third to 33rd Battery

Left Third to 45th Battery

The 36th Battery will cover the whole zone.


LIAISON                   5. The 36th Battery will detail a Liaison Officer to report tonight to Headquarters 58th Battalion at Railway Embankment S.18.d.8.3.


AMMUNITION         6. Dumps of about 250 rounds per gun should be accumulated and maintained at the new position.


REGISTRATION      7. Will be completed as quickly as possible.


REPORTS                  8. To Headquarters on completion of the move and registration.


H.G. Carscallen

Lieut. Col

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