Pte. Alf. Smith letter 4 Oct 1916

Pte. A. Smith

No 27521

St Andrews Hospital




Oct 4th 16


My Dear Affie,


Your letter contained such good news I had to answer it at once.

Fancy dear old Albert getting an exemption ‘By Jove’ it is just fine I can quite understand how you both felt I bet when you heard him coming up stairs you were anxious to know & yet afraid to ask; but you know how glad I am it is all settled it is a great trouble off your minds.

I certainly expect to get to dear old Southend & see you all soon I believe after convalescence one is entitled to ten days at home.  When I wrote to you before I thought perhaps this was like the hospitals in France only keep you for a few days but it is very different here they will not let you go until you are quite better we receive every comfort & attention.  I am not yet allowed to have meat, cake, or fruit yet but I have plenty of good fish, eggs & milk puddings very much nicer to what one gets in France.

How is Ansell?  I expect about the same.  It is a bit rough when you get a boy that falls in the cigarettes I thought you were going to say that he used to sneak them they do get up to some tricks.

I had a letter from Father yesterday he said he was coming to see you this week I know he will be pleased to hear all the good news.  I believe the weather has been very wet here lately although I have not seen it but that does not count very much with you now.

I was surprised to hear that you have a man after all this time but he must be a great help to you both I am very pleased that he suits you.  Talking about him swearing it reminds me of the old chap Gibbs we had at Glasshouse St when he was annoyed he used to say ‘Toots Toots’ of course that might have meant something very bad in Scotch as he was a Scotchman.

I am glad Joy is quite well.  I expect she knows plenty of songs now.  I can’t send her any more silk cards.  I should think that is a good name for her I know she used to like to help her Mother.

I am going to have a try for Home Service or the RA.M.C. as soon as I am better.

Well I think I have told you everything this time.

I hope you are all well & that there is plenty more good luck in store for you.


With much love & kisses

From your devoted


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